Andrew Jackson- Hero or Zero?

I would say zero

How did Jackson come into office?

Jackson ran for president in 1824 under the title of a war hero of The Battle of New Orleans. He ran against John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay and William Crawford. Jackson won the popularity vote, and the electoral vote, but not the majority so they went to the house. Henry Clay is the Speaker of the House and was dropped out of the competition due to being the lowest on the popularity vote. When they arrived at the House they almost immediately appointed Adams as President, and later Adams appointed Henry Clay as his Vice President. This became known as "The Corrupt Bargain" but Jackson didn't let the presidency go away immediately. He came back again in 1828 ending Adams chance at a 2nd term and took office.

How Jackson ran his Presidency and the Trail of Tears.

During Jackson's Presidency, he was a president by the people for the people which meant that the decisions he made were strictly for the people of the United States. During his Presidency he decided to not stop Georgia from kicking the Cherokee out of Georgia, regardless of it being unconstitutional and there being a court case brought to the Supreme Court. The journey became known as the "Trail of Tears" which is a rather appropriate name for the occurrence since it was full of sorrow and grief. The Cherokee were leaving their burial grounds and their homes where their ancestors have lived for so long. While on the Trail many people died including the wife of the Chief, which led to much mourning. When they arrived in Oklahoma there was no supplies, tents, blankets, food or water. There were absolutely 0 preparations for their arrival. Doesn't sound like an act "for the people".
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The Downfall of the National Bank

One of the many things Jackson hated during his presidency was the use of the national bank and he hated it because it favored the rich, not the common man. So during his 2nd term he decided to attempt at taking it down, and succeeded. The way he went about it was first, he vetoed the charter to lengthen the time past 1836. Then he asked his treasurer to redirect all of the deposits and money in the National bank, into banks around the country. But the treasurer said no, so Jackson hired a new one and he also said no. Jackson fired him and asked the next treasurer he hired and he said yes, he would do it and he did. When Congress returned and found out what Jackson had done they were furious and censured him.
Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14
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What does the Comic mean?

The Comic is showing how Jackson destroyed the National bank which led to a small downfall of America's economy.

So why do I think he is not a hero?

I do not think he is a hero, because even though he did good things during his presidency he did many harmful things as well. He moved a whole colony of Native Americans halfway across America to Oklahoma, during the Winter without proper supplies. He also then shut down the National, which was a main way that we funded our country and supplies. Because of these things I think he is a Zero not a Hero.