How to get your cat

If you want to get a cat then you better pick the right one for you. You can go to all the pet stores intel you find the right cat.

How to pick your cats toys

If you want to get the right toys for your cat you could pick some catnip toys. Cats love those!! Or you can pick a mouse toy.

How to name your cat

There is a lot of names to give your cat. You can name your cat Kit. My cats name is Annabelle. Or you can name your cat Chester. Or maby Kado. You can pick any of these names. Or you could pick another.

How to get to know your cat

After you name your cat you haft to get to know your cat. The first thing you should do is find your cats favorite food to eat and your cats favorite drink. Next you have to play with your cat with it's new toys.