Pregnancy and Toddlerhood Blog

By: Kaitlyn Ford

Toddler-hood Physical Development

During this stage toddlers are constantly growing and changing, and their needs right along with it. For example they learn to feed themselves, walk and potty train at 18 months. Needs that go along with this is going to the doctor every 6 months and dentist once a year.

Toddler-hood Social/Emotional Development

This next stage is teaching toddlers new habits. For example they become more independent they learn words like 'hot' and 'night-night'. They have learned to acknowledge feelings, parallel play, and we learn about their special needs.

Toddler-hood Intellectual

In this stage toddlers start to use their senses to figure things out. They also learn ZPD which stands for Zone of proximal development. ZPD is what toddlers learn they can do and cannot do without help. Their Neuron Pathways develop, and by the time they reach the end of their toddler years they're able to say a few hundred words. During this time they also love interaction while reading.