Bonjour Bulletin

January 15, 2016

Our Winter Studies

Next week, we will continue our Winter Unit, focusing on seasonal changes and winter facts. In the English classroom, students have read The Mitten. Please have your child retell the story for you at home. They made a mitten with the characters from the story. This will lead to our author/illustrator study of Jan Brett. In the French room, we will also read La Mitaine and continue with our winter studies.


THIS Tuesday, January 19th, the homeroom classes will switch. Mrs. Merck’s current class will start their day with Mme Bermas. Mme Bermas’ current class will begin their day with Mrs. Merck. Please remind your child about this switch. This will not be a big change for the students. The routines, expectations, and standards/skills in both classrooms will remain the same.

Report Card Notes & French Practice

Please remember that ALL report card assessments for math and science are completed in French. Teacher instructions are given in French and it is expected that the student can understand the directions and reply in French. We practice these skills and vocabulary daily in the French classroom, so all children should be able to understand and show what they know.

French Practice at Home:
  • Identify numbers 1-10 in French, out of order, without counting.
  • Compare numbers 1-10, using vocabulary "more than", "less than", or "equal to" in French. More than= plus; Less than= moins; Equal= égale.
  • Write numbers 1-20 without reversals.
  • Count 1-89 in French.
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