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What Are You Really Eating?

Have you ever been eating chicken, hamburger, bacon, etc. and suddenly wonder where what you’re eating came from? Or where it was packaged and processed, or who packaged and processed it? The statement "When deciding what to eat, how much should we consider the workers who pick, process, and transport it" should really be considered when buying meat at the local grocery store. Most likely when cheap meat is purchased it is the fatty meat or the leftover meat from processed animals. It is not treated like expensive meat. This inexpensive meat most likely came from a farm where the animals were not fed properly and had pesticides in the food.

Workers are often not paid well at all in meat processing factories. They hate to come to work, and don't care what’s in the meat they package. Their work is dangerous and their doing the same thing every day. It’s tiring and the workers usually hired have no experience with the machines or processing. Some of them, not even legal U.S. citizens. So next time you go to purchase meat, read the label, see where it came from and even do some research on the company if you’re really worried.

Keep Fighting Until You Can't Fight Anymore

10 January 1919

Dear future citizens of the United States,

I did it, I finally ended woman's suffrage. You can't understand how excited all the other women and I are. We just received the call from congress and we went absolutely crazy. The other women and I went through many hardships like, getting sent to jail, standing, protesting, marching (Through all types of weather), going on hunger strikes, and proving to President Wilson we will win this battle.

Even if we thought there was no hope left, we kept going and did not stop until we got what we deserved. A rain or snow storm didn't stop us. We got out in the cold weather every day we could, to show President Wilson how strong we were and what we were willing to do to get what all the women in the United States of America deserved.

Many people did not believe would have an effect on the government and fought against us. Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt of the NAWSA did not agree with the things the other women and I did nor did she fight with us. And you know what? It was not her who ended women’s suffrage, it was I and everyone else who worked for it. When we were thrown in jail, we all went together and stayed together. Those 60 days were probably the worst days of my life, but with my friends and group members there, it was slightly made better.

What I want to leave with you today is if you keep working towards something you want, you just might get it. Also, stand up for what is right even if you’re standing alone, and you can show people how far you’re willing to go, to get what’s yours.


Alice Paul

Queen Liliuokalani Held At Gunpoint?!

Honolulu Hawaii- We witnessed firsthand the palace surrounded with U.S. marines holding the queen at gunpoint, forcing her to surrender! The Hawaii citizens had enough with the queen’s idea to restore the Hawaiian Monarchy. Many members of the business community planned to go in and literally throw the queen out of her thrown, Chin Ho Kelly told us. "We weren't going to stand for the queens unfair actions! We knew we had to do something about it." Kelly and many others felt very lucky when the United States Marines came in and "Took care of business." We also talked with the man in charge, Sergeant General Daniel Cadder. "I wasn't scared of the queen nor were my troops. She had nowhere to go but to be taken to a rotting prison cell by us. It was a long journey over here, but it was worth it."

Buy A Stamp Lick The Kaiser

Its World War I and the United States is going to enter the war. The only problem? Money. The U.S. doesn't have near enough money to provide the troops with food, weapons, and materials. What are they going to do? The government has to think of some way. How about a loan? But from who? The answer is the citizens of the United States Of America. Liberty Bonds were loans given to the U.S. government to fund the war. American citizens could by a stamp that would represent a certain amount of money. That money would go to expenses for the war. The cartoon is saying don't let Germany win, buy a victory bond to help America win the war.

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Food Can Win The War

Meatless Mondays and Wheat less Wednesdays were big days of the week during the war. The government wanted the help of U.S. citizens to help win the war. They didn't want you to eat mean on Mondays, and not eat Wheat on Wednesdays so they could save it for the troops. Here are some things they wanted you to consider: Don't take more than you can eat, use just what you need and nothing more, and eat what is left, don't make more.


The Sinking Of The Lusitania

Today brings a sad felling to all of us. We just got word of the sinking of the passenger ship the Lusitania. Many Americans have questions on why it happened and who did it. What happened? Well it was not an accident. It was torpedoed. Who torpedoed it? Our enemy, Germany of course. It was a surprise attack that no one on board knew was going to happen. When did it happen? May 7, 1915 between 2:10 pm and 2:28 pm. How does it affect the U.S.? There were 128 American citizens aboard, all which were killed. Where did it happen? In the North Atlantic Ocean, near Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland. The final question that everyone is wondering is, why. Germany stated that it was an enemy ship, carrying munitions. Your questions have been answered and so have the prayers of all of the families affected.

"Gray Skies Are Just Clouds Passing Over"

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was the most important composer in the history of jazz music, or as he preferred it as "American Music." He was a bandleader and kept his large group together continuously for almost 50 years. He started piano lessons by age 7 and began writing music in his teens. Ellington dropped out of high school his junior year to purse his music career.

In the 20s, his orchestra appeared at the Cotton Club in Harlem many times. They later toured Europe in the 30s. Ellington embraced the phrase "beyond category" and refereed to his music as a part of the more general category of American music, rather than to a genre of jazz. Ellington often collaborated with others. He wrote more than one thousand compositions. His extensive work is the largest recorded jazz legacy. Ellington also recorded songs written by his band members. Ellington is considered to of elevated jazz from a music form to an art form.

The Babe

George Herman Ruth Jr also known as Babe Ruth was a major league baseball player. He played a total of 22 seasons which went from 1914-1935. He hit a career total of 714 home runs. Third in MLB history. "Every strike brings me closer to the next home run."

The Old North State

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