Folkstyle Wrestling

Brandon Klimek

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There are many different rules that must be followed while wrestling, if you do not abide by these rules you can lose points or even be disqualified from the match. Some of the rules are, you must have clipped fingernails, you can not perform any of the illegal holds (will cost you points), you must have headgear, your shoelaces must not be showing. These rules are in place, because a couple of them protect the well being of the athlete. Others are in place because they are just standard rules for everybody, and they must be followed by everyone.


The required gear for folkstyle wrestling includes a mat, headgear, shoes, and a singlet. A singlet is made out of lightweight material, and this lightweight material is almost like spandex (Wells 16). The uniform must be tight, so the opponent can’t grab onto your uniform. According to Garrison Wells, “It also helps the referee get a clear view of the wrestlers bodies for scoring (16). When wrestling you need a certain type of shoe, that covers your ankles for protection. You will also want shoes that help you get grip on the mat, you want grip on the mat so that way when you are attempting a move you aren't slipping all over the place. In wrestling, you also get warm-ups. Warm-ups are just simply a sweatjacket, and shorts. These are worn over your singlet when you are at a meet or a tournament.


In Folkstyle wrestling, there is a lot of different ways you can score. Some of the simple ones are getting a takedown, reversal, escape, and nearfall, and locked hands. Examples of more complicated ones are stalling, and cautions. Certain ways you score, can get you more points than others. It is very important to know how many points you are scoring while in a match, because while you're wrestling you will not always have the chance to look up at the scoreboard to see who is winning. Most of the time you'll know what the score is, like after a break, but it is really nice to be able to know what the score is when you or your opponent score.

Takedown - 2

Penalty Points - 1 or 2 points

Escape - 1

Reversal - 2

Near Fall - 2-3 points


There are many different moves that you must learn in order to be a successful wrestler, you have to be able to complete these moves at a very fast pace and with a lot of precision. Some of the basic moves are a single and double leg takedown, an over and under, and a head throw. The more moves that you are able to execute the better, you want to be able to transition from move to move until you finally get points for a takedown or some other means of scoring. A long with learning all of the different moves that there are to learn, you also want to be able to learn how defend all of the moves. Not only will you be trying to do these moves to your opponent, but he will also be attempting to do them right back to you. All of the moves that he is trying to do will almost all the time be different from the moves that you are trying to do, so it is good to know and practice all of the ways to stop every single move that can possibly be done.

How to prepare for a wrestling meet

When you are preparing for a wrestling meet, you want to make sure that you have all of your gear ready to go. Obviously in order to compete you are going to need all of your gear, so you want to make sure that you have all the proper gear ready to go the night before the meet. You also want to make sure that you have your nails clipped, and that your hair is cut to the proper length. One of the biggest parts of preparing for a wrestling meet, is making sure that you are under weight!!! Being under weight is what is going to make your day a good or a bad one, if you're over weight then you are gonna have to do a little bit of running to try and loose the weight before the meet. But if you are under weight then you need to know what your limits are on what you can eat, because if you eat too much then you will have to loose the weight. Usually the day of a wrestling meet, it is okay for you to be able to joke around and have fun. But once it gets within a couple of hours of the meet, then it is time to reel it in and start to be serious. Once the meet starts it's go time, you want to ready to go! Once you're about 2 matches away from wrestling is when you want to start warming up, and keep jumping around and getting ready for 6 minutes in heaven.

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