Grant Malmut

The problem

Right before a meet or a game I always feel queasy. I feel like I'm in not going to do good because there are so many people or they are bigger than you. I don't like the feeling because it makes me not want to play or no trace. I jump around, workout with my team but the feeling never goes away.


The way I over came it was to start. Once I started racing or started it the game it went away. I would be concentrating on the game and would loose the feeling or forget about it. My goals are to be confident and not have the feeling in the first place. I think that the reason I got butterflies is because I wasn't confident. In the future I won't think about how big they are or how many people there are. I will concentrate on whatever I am doing.


"Once I actually started playing or running the feeling went away because I was concentrating but before the meet or the game there seems to be no way for the "butterfly's" to go away."

"I love sports and I really practice for them but i never feel confident in myself."

"The way I overcame it was just staying with my team and practicing and getting through it."