Constitution Stolen!

Save The First Amendment!

The Constitution had been stolen!

That's right, the constitution, the document that holds our government together has been stolen, and is under threat of destruction! But there is hope! We can send in an elite task force to save one amendment of the constitution. We must save the first amendment, The most important part of the constitution!

Without this amendment, our government would be in anarchy!

Save the First Amendment

Without the first amendment we would have no freedoms! Think about what it would be like if America suddenly transformed into North Korea! For even the slightest protest, the government could execute us and our family without reason! Save the first amendment or our country's freedom will die!

We Would Lack our Freedom of Speech

For example, once in a school in Nevada, They mandated that all students wear a uniform with the words "Tomorrow's Leaders" emblazoned on the front of it. The school was taken to federal court, and the uniform was ruled unlawful. Without the first amendment, this would have never been able to take place.
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We Would Have no Freedom to Choose Our Own Religion

An example of this was when in California, an undercover FBI agent was sent to look for possible terrorists, but would only watch Muslims. No one else. The man was accused of indiscriminate surveillance and sentenced to prison time. Without the first amendment, you could be arrested just for being muslim, or christian, or any religion!
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Freedom of the Press would be Relinquished

One of the more extreme cases of violation of the first amendment, that might happen every day if this was not in place happened recently in Missouri. A team of reporters were filming a crime scene when a floodlight appeared, pointing at them, and out of nowhere, police opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas, hurting, but thankfully not injuring the crew. Without the first amendment, this would happen every day.
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We Could Not Assemble!

an example of this occurred recently in again, Ferguson, where a crowd of black people where protesting peacefully and where shot at with rubber bullets by police for no reason, and one cop was heard saying, "bring it, you f*** animals!" and the cops involved where takes to court and fined a huge amount of money. Without the first amendment, this would not have been possible.
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And Finally, we Could not Petition

For this, it happened in our own school of Wilmette Junior High. We petitioned about the summer homework being assigned, and basically every rising 8th grader in the school ended up signing some form of the petition in one way or another. Eventually, the principal did acknowledge it and removed the annotation of the book as an assignment. Without this right, we could not have done this and he could have given all of us demerits, much less acknowledge it at all.
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