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Welcome to this weeks issue of ENGAGE. Thank you for your support. Keep talking.

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AGCS: We have received some literature at the office from Prospect relating to the UK General Election in May 2015 encouraging members in the UK to get in touch with the candidates and to ask for their views on their policies affecting employment, rights at work and the industries that members work in.

Included in the package are a number of short briefings, each focusing on a key theme which aims to capture members’ concerns and aspirations for action by the new government and which Prospect hopes will be useful conversation starters.

If you are interested and would like a copy, they will be available for collection at the AGCS office on the New Jetty, I suggest you phone or email first to make sure that there is someone available.

Prospect is a politically independent Trade Union, not affiliated to any political party and does not advise members how to vote.

Although most of us are not able to vote in the UK election, you may nevertheless find the briefings are of interest.

The briefings are also available online at



to Sara & Carry and all the students who recently sat their Maths exam - 100% pass rate! Very well done!

Last week of term

Last week of the term is here at long last. A full-on term that on top of the normal activities at the College was even busier and more intense as a result of the College review.

On Monday 23 at 6:30 we will be sharing our plans with the business community. If you haven’t booked your space please do so by using the jotform link: http://form.jotformpro.com/form/50623321277954

I would like to share with you a message we had from Jonathan Le Tocq Chief Minister who in sending his apology for not being able to join us, he says: `Dear Saboohi, I am so sorry that I am not able to attend the College's Today, Tomorrow, Together presentation next week due to a previous commitment. However I want to assure you of my whole-hearted support based on all I have heard so far. I do hope to get fully up to speed with your plans when I visit personally’.

I look forward to sharing with you the results of the feedback we have received so far next week.

This is a great endorsement to our endeavours and I am glad that we are receiving the political support we need to reform our College.

On a separate note today marks the start of the spring. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowruz This is where many nations in the world celebrate as the start of their new year. This includes Iran. So from an Iranian to all of you I wish you a very fulfilling, prosperous and rewarding year ahead and hope that as spring brings life and newness to the world we can reap the results of our hard works over the next term setting the scene for growth and expansion at our college and for the benefit of our learners.

Saboohi Famili

Chief Executive and Principal

LOC News

Guernsey Mind

Martine’s students ran a successful fete in LOC’s hall on Monday, raising a fantastic £200! They had great press coverage with the Guernsey Press and Channel TV coming to interview them. See the photo below that appeared in the Press on Tuesday.

Bring your boss to College day

The hairdressing apprentices brought their bosses into the salon on Monday in their first Bring your Boss to College Day. The event was a huge success, not only did it create an opportunity to give direct feedback to employers but it also helped build vital rapport between the learners and Salon Managers to work together on a task. Nicole from Wella facilitated the event which gave the learners an insight into this season’s new and upcoming trends within the Hairdressing colouring industry.

See you in court

Anne Setters accompanied Business Administration students to the Royal Court buildings on Wednesday. Dave Le Ray gave them a tour of the Royal Court and explained all the features and Court etiquette. They sat in the public gallery to hear one defendant’s case and the students used their speedwriting skills to take notes. Dave also showed them the other Courts including where you can get married. He then accompanied them to the Strong Room where all the registers of births, marriages, conveyances etc can be viewed. They saw a transcript of one of the witches trials of the 16th century, Victor Hugo’s conveyance of Hauteville House and the documents outlining the ‘constitution’ of Guernsey by different monarchs including Richard II, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. They finished off the morning looking up student birth records and discovering that one of them was registered under the wrong name (misspelt surname) which will now be rectified. Our thanks to Dave Le Ray and staff at the Royal Court for making them feel so welcome.

Personal Tax & Benefits

Deputy Michelle Le Clerc came into college on Thursday to give a presentation on the proposed future personal taxation regime for Guernsey, this stimulated a good debate and there were lots of questions from the floor. This will soon be debated in the States.

Comic Relief

On the Friday night’s last performance of Honk! we collected for Comic Relief from our lovely audience and raised £160!

Jane Le Poidevin

Assistant Principal

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Coutanchez News

Further to the incident that occurred yesterday, the Health and Safety team will be assessing the Risk at Delancey Campus, Jeff and John will be looking at making room provision elsewhere on the College premises for the time being. We will plan for this section of the Campus to be out of action at least until next week however we will keep you posted. May I say a big thank you to all staff and students involved in the incident who responded very quickly.

A chocolate demonstration was very well attended on Wednesday and The Channel Islands Chef and Junior Chef of the Year was hosted in the College Restaurant and Kitchen yesterday.

Today in the Restaurant, local Plumbers and Plumbing apprentices attended a Competent Installers Course for Unvented Hot Water Systems put on by Mike and Alyson Bracey (see photo above).

Louise Misselke



Link to Creative Writing Intranet Site where all the winners are housed http://www.mycfe.gg/SiteDirectory/skillsdev/skillsdevelopmentenglish/English%20Student%20Site/SitePages/Creative%20Writing%20Challenges.aspx

New Challenge out now! Three tablets to be won. Instructions attached on the following link https://www.scribd.com/doc/259383186/Plot-Generator-English-Compeition-sponsored-by-AO-Hall

Phil has reported that it is Congratulations to all of our learners who passed a component of their FS English qualifications in February (results issued last Friday).

L1 Reading: 100%

L2 Reading: 77%

L2 Writing: 71%

Four learners (Charlie Blackler, Joanne Masterton-Pipet, Vicki Brehaut and Josh Guilmoto) have now completed their FS English L2 qualifications! Many more are on their way to success!

Students currently in the midst of the March exam series (paper-based sat last week and online to sit next week – good luck).

Jeff Stuart

Acting Assistant Principal

Today is International Day of Happiness

You may have wondered why I chose a large smiley face for this week's Engage background, it is to celebrate International Day of Happiness which is today! Make someone happy today!

all staff briefing

Friday, March 27th, 3:30pm


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  • The team involved in getting the projector and smart board working in room 102
  • St Sampson's Contstables will be putting a diffibrilator on Delancey Park once planning permission received and training given.
  • Stu Haggarty - for fixing the College boilers with his wonderful expertise knowledge!
  • The Plumbing Dept wish to thank the Caretakers, Rod, Cathy & Amanda, Craig and Mike and Alyson Bracey for all their help with putting on the Hot Water System course today in the Restaurant - all help was very much appreciated.


  • Sam and Steph are calm, solution centred, understanding, supportive, just brilliant!
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  • Safety mode controls on youtube switched on and cannot be overwritten by staff. Time taken to request youtube videos to be unblocked or to find alterate clips (if they exist) if we have to embed technology please make it easy for us. - Safety Mode for YouTube and some search engines has been in place for many years and reflects our responsibility to our younger learners such as 14-16 cohort and vulnerable students which can be present in many college areas. YouTube videos are never specifically blocked and if an uploaded video is being mis-categorised by YouTube then it would be advisable to take this up with them directly.
  • Only 3 out of 10 employers have responded by saying that they will take our L3 Engineering students on workplacement. The others have all said that they are too busy ! Do they want them when they are not busy??

    Last year we had a great response from them. Workplacement is such an important part of our programme. Seems as though the employers are not so “today tomorrow together” with us on this occasion. But thanks for the 3 employers that are willing to support us so far: Intersurgical, Marine & General Engineers, and Turx.


  • Everything is short notice!
  • there is no automatic email link to education staff/school emails
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Ideas and questions


  • Block Facebook
  • Has anybody though of putting on student transport for events such as the Pensions Review presentation held at LOC earlier this week?
  • Suggestion for improvement of attendance of enrichment events

    When there is an event, especially if we want all students to attend (full time + apprentices) we need to make it as easy as possible for them to attend. We need to reduce the amount of useable excuses not to attend. Therefore making sure that there is always a bus for the students to take students to the venue if they have to travel to another site. They may choose to use the transport or not. Or perhaps even make using the arranged transport compulsory. This would also demonstrate the difficulties of working from 3 or 2 sites and add additional costs to the education department. This would then become further savings that could be made when we have one site college.


  • Where are the Union Meeting minutes?

End of term celebration

Head to Les Rocquettes after the All Staff get together at PRCPA next Friday to celebrate the end of term! There will be free buffet food and drink (not free unfortunately)

Come for one, come for two…come for the night!!!




Thu 26 Mar @ 7.00pm – NT Encore Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Wed 01 Apr @ 7.15pm – Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny – ROH (Opera)

Tue 14 Apr @ 7.00pm – Maxine Peake as Hamlet – NT Encore

Thu 16 Apr @ 7.00pm – NT Live The Hard Problem

Thu 30 Apr @ 7.00pm – NT Encore The View from the Bridge

Tue 05 May @ 7.15pm – La Fille Mal Gardée – ROH (Ballet)

Tickets available from www.guernseytickets.gg or the Box Office on 749999

Please contact Kerry if you wish to steward for any of these events.

John Semenowicz would like to thank the Engineering and IT teams for attending the CigPE Lunchtime Enrichment lecture a St Sampson’s School. It was well attended this Wednesday with around 70 people including Students and staff . It was also good to see the press there. It was a well organised event by Rachel Kaufman with an excellent presentation by Vara Prasad Karamchedu. And special thanks to Bob from IT for organising the transport.

The lecture covered 4G Communications - what does this mean for the general public on a day to day basis? With the proliferation of high performance smart phones and thousands of applications that need tremendous data speeds, can this new system cope? In his presentation Vara Prasad Karamchedu (Director of Technical Solutions & Business Development Award Solutions Inc) addressed the challenges and game changing aspects of the 4G technology.

It would be great if more programme areas attended these excellent events. https://www.scribd.com/doc/259389574/CIGPE-School-Lecture-Prog-2015

Access students are making craft items using Guernsey Stamps.

Please can you save all your Guernsey stamps and send them to the Access department.

Thank you.

Sue Clack

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