The Fallen

Zyan Floyd


Martin Lunna seems to be the kid who has everything going against him. He is trying to be the kid everyone wants him to be but trouble always seem to follow him. No one knows why he act out the way he do, no one understands him.Now that he has been up for expulsion what should he do.

List of Characters

*Ms.Spencer- The principle at Bluford High

*Martian- The kid who people said had nothing going for him

*Huero--Martins Brother (deceased)

*Frankie-Martins old friend who has set out to get him

*Chago-Martins friend who helps him in the end

*Vickey - The Pretty girl

*Ms Lunna- Martins mother

*Mr.Mitchell- Martins English teacher

*Steve- The Bully

Character Analysis For Martin Lunna

Martin can sometimes be the troubled kid everyone see him as. there was a point in the story where he found himself about to go and murder a kid because he found out that was the same person who killed his brother. Martin is not always like that he also have a caring side to him. Martin seen that his behavior was starting to hurt the girl he liked so he took the time to tell her that he know what he is doing is wrong and that he feels she deserved to be around more positive and respectful people.

Quote from Martin Lunna

"Its my fault, my fault Heuro is gone if i would not have had him around me and Frankie he would still be here. The bullet he took was not for him but because he was with us he took the fall. Its all my fault Heuro is gone."
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Yo;u never know why people act or do the things they do, you may not even know what they are going through at home so don't judge anyone before you get to know them. Also what ever your going through don't let it dictate how you act and how you treat others.

Important event

"This is it Mr. Lunna any last words" what will Martin say, what will he do? All of this was running through his mother's head. The board has to see that he is a good kid who just made some irresponsible choices. This is the day of Martin's trial what is going to happen, this moment will end or be the new beginning of Martin's life. Will Martin come out victorious? You will have to read and see.
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I recommend this book to all middle and high school students because it has a lot of drama and life lessons . I recommended this book because it also shows the struggles and the things we go through in our everyday lives and it also teaches us how to overcome them. This is a really good book i hope everyone enjoys it.