The Tree of Life

The Kemetic tradition & Egyptian tradition

The tree as the source of Life

In the early period of Ancient Egyptian history, there was a teaching of the TREE OF LIFE. This was a special teaching describing the secret wisdom about the nature of the universe and of the journey of the soul. The goal is to regain one's divine stature and transcendental place. In its earliest form, the Ancient Egyptian city of Anu and the Tree was seen as the source of life.

The Djed pillar

The Ancient Egyptian Mystical Tree and the Implications of the Pillar of Asar

The Djed symbolizes the awakened human soul that is well “established” or “steadfast” or “stable" in the knowledge of the Self, that is, enlightened. The idea is to become steadfast and upright as a tree (vertical), as opposed to unstable and falling over horizontally as the dead, in order to reach up to unite the earth and the sky, thus mastering duality.


Djeddu thus means having the knowledge of what is below and above and transcending both, thereby attaining the goal of Mysticism, to transcend duality and become one with all.

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In other cultures the Serpent Power is called the Kundalini.

One of the most important secret rituals in the Cult of Osiris was called the Raising of the Djed. When you Raise Your Backbone you are opening the Path of the Serpent to let the Electro Magnetic Field of Mother Earth move you to the Fifth Dimension.