James Clerk Maxwell

The father of physics


Maxwell was born June 13, 1831 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom and died November 5, 1879 in Cambridge, United Kingdom. He was 48 years old.


James Clerk Maxwell attended University of Edinburgh (1847-1850), University of Cambridge (1850-1856), Marischal College 91856-1860) and Kings College (1860-1865). he studied law and civil law and later became a doctor of both.

Contributions to Physics

  • First to use dimensional analysis
  • first to question oscillating electric and magnetic fields
  • First realistic theory of Electromagnetism

Summary of Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell led to one of the most ground breaking discoveries of all time. He developed the idea of electromagnetism along with other developments involving mathematics and astronomy. He is referred to as the Father of Physics due to all his studies and theories. His theories are still in use today. Maxwell also made fundamental contributions to the development of thermodynamics. He was also a founder of the kinetic theory of gases.