Bransford Technology Take Home

September 11, 2016

LEADing the Way with Technology

We are five years into our 10 year district strategic plan, LEAD 2021. Throughout the past five years, we have made small and large gains towards meeting the goals outline in LEAD. On Monday afternoon, we will reach another milestone in the plan by sending home devices with all second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students. This ties directly to Strategy VI. Technology Strategy: We will integrate technology, including student mobile wireless computing devices, into every aspect of the student academic experience to accomplish the GCISD mission and strategic objectives, 4. GCISD will provide and allow for multiple avenues for students to choose learning opportunities, communicate globally and ensure every student can access digital learning 24/7.

Sending the devices homes allows us to provide each of our students a connection to and continuation of the learning and excitement occurring daily at BES. It also affords families opportunities to participate in the learning happening at school by exploring apps on the devices, viewing Google Drive with your students, and assisting as they complete their "un"homework on the devices. The devices going home, iPads in second, third, and fourth grades, and Chrome books for fifth graders, are their work devices.

One of the expectations with our students bringing devices home is that the devices return to school each morning charged. To promote and celebrate day one of this expectation, Tuesday, September 13, is Super Charged Tuesday at Bransford. On Tuesday, you are encouraged to wear your super hero attire...think t-shirts and capes. Get creative, have fun, and encourage your students to join in the festivities (no full costumes for students, please). This is a fun and easy way for us to spread excitement about taking devices home and bringing them back daily CHARGED!

Tomorrow, our second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students will exit Bransford with their school issued electronic devices and charges for the first time! WOW! What an amazing district and community to be part of where we are equipping our students with tools full of possibilities for learning, exploring, and creating. It's an amazing time to be building an excellent school together!

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Trust Card

Each classroom has discussed the classroom and at home trust card with the students. Thank you for taking a few minutes at home this week to discuss this expectations with your students.

Device Agreement

We wanted to make you aware of the new GCISD Device Agreement for 2016-2017. Every parent needs to sign the Parent Device Agreement and pay a one-time elementary fee of $50. The $50 fee is a repair and replace fee for the devices.

If you are unsure if you have completed the device agreement, please call the front office, 817-305-4920, and Denise can assist you. A link to the Device Agreement is provided below. Parent Device Use Agreement


One important piece of information that will be important for all parents to understand is related to the internet filter. Internet access is filtered based on the wireless network the device is accessing. When the iPad is at school, it is connected to GCISD's wireless network which offers filtering in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act ( Internet access at home will only be filtered to the extent that your home network is filtered. Once the device leaves school, it will not be connected to the district network and filters. Thank you for monitoring the sites your students access at home. GCISD uses Common Sense Media as our primary source for digital citizenship curriculum. Take some time to explore the parent resources on the site: