Correctly clean and sterilize surgical equipment


Every hospital and ambulatory surgical center (“facility”) needs to clean and sterilize (“reprocess”) reusable surgical instruments according to a unique "Instructions for Use" document (“IFU”). IFUs, and key data within, are prohibitively difficult to access and reference. Remedify was designed with one of America's leading hospital companies to make it quick and easy to access key reprocessing information and training.

The Problem

Incorrect reprocessing of surgical instruments is a problem. It disrupts operating room (“OR”) scheduling and surgeon attitudes if instruments that reach the OR are wet, broken, or unclean. Broken instruments must be repurchased. Most facilities are not compliant with new 2009 Joint Commission (“JC”) standards requiring easy access to up-to-date IFUs.


Remedify is tablet-based and powered by a proprietary database containing instrument catalog numbers, key sterilization metadata (Sterile Parameters™), and associated IFUs. Users can take pictures or videos and add notes for training purposes with Sterile Trainer™ (e.g. disassembling instruments). Accessing information is significantly faster than competing methods and ensures JC compliance.


One Source Docs is currently the only competitor in the space. IFUs must be downloaded to a computer; it is not tablet-friendly and there are no Sterile Parameters™ and there is no Sterile Trainer™. It is used less than once a month where deployed. The rest of the market must request an IFU from the manufacturer, which is faxed or e-mailed, and may be printed and stored in a binder. Some facilities have a binder room to try and achieve JC compliance, but fail to, as IFUs may not be up-to-date.

Revenue Model: Annual Subscription

Sales Strategy

Direct sales to the top 20 largest facility holdingcompanies (18% of the total market); tradeshow marketing, advertising, channel partnerships, and product licensing to GPOs for the broader market.Demonstrated demand for product based on rapid digital IFU adoption.

Competitive Advantage

Sterile Parameters™ and its integration potential with instrument tracking systems; Sterile Trainer™ and its user-created data.