Class of 2016 Christmas FEAST

So who's up for Bollywood Delivery?

Let's take a trip to the South Side.

By trip I mean to my house. And by South Side I mean India. By India I mean that I mean Bollywood. By Bollywood I mean delivery.

Yeah, we keep it fancy


Saturday, Dec. 13th, 6pm

NC 14

This special day is coming to you. Is it Christmas? No silly, it's Bollywood-mas (I tried)

Yay! Let's celebrate the end of the year and toast to the impending doom of finals.

Plus, indian food. Duh.

Email or message me what dish you want before 5:00pm on Saturday- then I can pre order so the food will come to us on time.

Like I said, it ain't Christmas yet, so I ain't paying for your food (still love y'all though).