The Sunday Message

Announcements, Resources, Celebrations 10/16/17

Early Release on Friday, October 20. Students dismissed at 1:15


Happy Birthdays

Happy Monday, October 16th Birthday to Pleasant Union custodian Henry Ward and Friday, October 20th Birthday to Speech Pathologist Jennifer Garrett.


Read-a-Thon will be extended two weeks to October 27th. This will gives Track 3 and 4 an extra week to raise additional funds. Tracks 1 and 2 will get an extra 2 weeks. As of Saturday the school has raised slightly more than $34,000 which nets PTA $25, 526 (75%). In talking with President Heather Wilson we agreed that in two more weeks we can certainly raise $4,000-$8,000 more. We need your help in this!!!

Congrats to the classrooms below that have earned $1000 or more. Each class in this category that has not enjoyed a wild rumpus will be scheduled over the next two weeks. Let's make this last push to raise money to fund the PTA Budget which ultimately funds classrooms and staff.

Jason Lamanna 2255

Karen Rabon 2025

Jennifer Leavitt 2000

Julie Hay 1935

Madeline Griep 1625

Alyson Bandi 1599.91

Grace Averett 1590

Jaymie Boose 1545

Carolyn Rich 1530

Cassie Sigmon 1415

Tina Clark 1390

Cathy Parrish 1315

Erika Larson 1225

Krista VanAntwerp 1175

Susan Whitley 1050

Lisa Gainey 1005

Tara Chavis 1000

What Happens if We Don't Reach Our 2017-2018 goal?
  • We could have to charge families for the Valentine’s Dance and Spring Fling.
  • Decrease in funds for our technology, music, art and AIG departments.
  • No grandparent’s breakfast, muffins for moms or donuts for dads.
  • Less Author Visits and other Cultural Arts performances.
  • This is PUE’s one fundraiser for the year. We will have to host another fundraiser at the school in order to provide for our teachers and administration at PUE.
  • The PTA funds do not carry forward from each school year. These funds are required for the 2017-2018 school year.

How Can YOU Help?

  • Get your child’s page set up and send it to close family and friends. There is no requirement to use social media. Let’s bring on the Wild Rumpus parties, dirt cake parties and pies in the face. This is a celebration of Reading and your child’s success in our school!
  • Please remember that although large contributions help, it isn't the large contributions that make the difference in fundraisers. It is every participant setting up for 3, or more donors. Our goal was based on each Pleasant Union child arranging for 3 donors of at least $30 each to reach our $55,000 goal.

In addition:

  • Businesses can sponsor students and the school.
  • Our fundraising efforts are immediately realized as the Read-a-Thon Fundraiser collects Donations versus Pledges.
  • Read-a-Thon is primarily done online. If, however, you cannot participate online you can write a check directly to the PUE PTA, who, in turn will deposit your check and transfer it to the online fundraiser.

Heather Wilson, President

Additional questions about Read-a-Thon please contact:


Service To Our School and To Those in Need


Early Release Staff Appreciation Luncheon

This month PTA will be providing a lunch of soup, salad, and breads to celebrate our PUE teachers and staff. Please consider contributing a soup, salad, bread or a monetary donation to share your appreciation for the staff at Pleasant Union. Crock pots are the easiest way to keep soups warm until lunch and would be ready for pickup Friday afternoon (around 3:00) or Monday morning. There will be a PTA representative at Friday morning carpool to collect food donations. As always, we welcome monetary contributions of any amount. (You can donate online using the link below or send a check made out to PUE PTA) Thank you for your continued support!

Please go to the Sign-Up-Genius to sign up for a soup, salad, dessert or monetary donation.


Has Your Child Joined the WCPSS/Carolina Hurricanes "READVOLUTION"?

Recently the Carolina Hurricanes the Wake County Schools called "READVOLUTION" was announced that challenges Wake County students to read 2020 books between October 2 and January 12. The challenge encourages students to read 20 minutes each day outside of school. The big prize is a field trip in February to the PNC Arena for nine elementary schools that have the highest number of books read, based on the percentage of their student population. In addition 10 elementary schools will get a visit from Stormy and the Storm Squad. Students at those schools will be eligible for items such as tickets and hats. Our school will post a “READVOLUTION” hockey rink in the school hallway soon for students to mount hockey pucks with favorite book read during this contest. This contest couldn’t come at a better time as it overlaps with Read-a-Thon so students and our school can make money for the Read-a-Thon AND will encourage students to continue reading so that we can be be in the running for the top nine schools prize to go to a Hurricanes game in February. Pleasant Union is currently in the middle of the pack for the Northern Area Schools. We CAN DO MUCH BETTER!!! Let's move our school to the top of the standings by reading each night and loading the title of your child's book into the system. Read the instruction flier below to see how to load the book titles.

Parent Letter About READVOLUTION (English)

Parent Letter About READVOLUTION (Spanish)

READVOLUTION Instruction Flier (English)

READVOLUTION Instruction Flier (Spanish)


Have You Joined the Pleasant Union YR Twitter Feed?

Have you joined our Twitter Feed to keep up to date with all the great learning going on at Pleasant Union?


Please Walk Your Child Into the Building

We are still having students dropped off without being signed in after the Safety Patrol returns to class. Parents are to walk their child into the building and sign in...

If your child is:

  • In the Before School Program
  • In the Morning Art Club, Morning Chorus, Lego Clubs, Robotics Club and NOT in the Before School Program
  • Delivered to school at 9:10 or after

Please note the adjusting of the delivery time from 9:15 to 9:10 so that each student is in their class and ready for the start of the day at the final tardy bell at 9:15. If a student arrives to class after 9:15 they are considered tardy.

Parents MUST walk their child into the school and sign them in as the doors are locked. We cannot take a chance that students will safely arrive to each respective area. The Before School Program or Office staff will buzz you in for each scenario.


Fall Stem Program: New Program Starting

Session 2 for the Fall Stem starts on October 25. Looks like an interesting session . Click HERE to find out more. Look for the class starting on Wednesday, October 25 for enrollment.


Mark Your Calendar

Tuesday, October 17

  • 8:15 PTA Meeting in Media Center

Friday, October 20

  • Track 3 Tracks Out
  • Early Release: Students dismissed at 1:15

Wednesday, October 25

  • Unity Day-Be sure to wear orange

Friday October 27

  • Report Cards-Track 4 go home