New technology

3 Technologies

Artificial intelligence

Few years ago, people are start to research artificial intelligence. As a result a lots of simple artificial intelligence robots were came out. For example, there's Siri by the Apple.

Some people are scared to make that artificial intelligence, but usually people are thinking

they can control it.

Touch screen

Touch screen is invented by E.A. Johnson in 1965. Touch screen is developed a lot in 21st century, and It became most popular technology.

This touch screen is using at cellphone, windows, etc.

Some scientists and engineers are inventing Human Touch Screen, which is install the touch screen computer to human's body. It's little bit dangerous.

Google glass

On January 15, 2015, Google announced that it would stop producing the Google Glass prototype but remained committed to the development of the product. According to Google, Project Glass was ready to "graduate" from googleX, the experimental phase of the project.

This technology is really popular in the USA, but usually those are really expensive.

This is start of [Wareable computer]