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Where is Pakistan

Pakistan is a small country that is north of china, northeast of Afghanistan, southeast of India, and west of Iran. It's flag is green with a moon crescent with a star.

Pakistans goverment

Pakistan's government is a federal republic winch means it is an unlimited government. They can do whatever they want and they don't have to stop doing it. Pakistan's leader is Mamnoon Hussain which I'm guessing is the son of Saddam Hussein. Pakistan's not really stylish they wear khussa, shalwar kameezes, and shauls. There capital is Islamabad where Osama bin laden was killed in 2012.

Pakistan's nation

Pakistan's nation is a poor nation. They can't afford a lot of stuff. Not enough food, not enough water, shelter nothing. They reliey on the United states of america with oil which they spent(America) over 12.231billion dollars. There birth rate is 67, their literacy rate is 67, and their life expectancy is 67.They use rupees for money like India.