Non-Profit Law

Lawyers Focusing on becoming a Non-Profit Paralegal

First Lets Focus on How To become a Lawyer

Education and Training

  1. A four year degree from an accredited college
  2. Attend Law School for three years
  • To enter you must pass the la school admissions test
  • To exit you must pass the bar exam

6 Practice Environments

  1. Law Firms
  2. Corporate Legal Departments
  3. Government
  4. Judiciary
  5. Public Interest
  6. Education

Compensation(6 highest paid jobs)

  1. Trial Lawyer- $74980-$163320
  2. Chief Legal Officer- $467100
  3. Judge-$51760-$141190
  4. Law School Professor- $113691-$242500
  5. Litigation Support Director- $70882-$200000
  6. Law Firm Administrator- $375000- $750000

Now Let's Cover Non-Profit Law

Non-Profit Law is....

-Non taxable

-Can not sell for profit

-Helps Communities