Evaluating Art

Blaise Strong

Criteria Used to Evaluate Art

I feel that the best criterion to evaluate art are as follows:

  • Topic/ Message. The mood of the art, lighting/ sounds or the expressions on any faces are a few ways this is seen.
  • Skills. The skill of the art is important because art from a 5 year old is viewed very differently from that of an adult, also the detail or difficulty of the art is what impresses the audience.
  • Techniques. The technique used is important because cartoon art is viewed different from classical art, non fiction books are viewed different from fantasy novels, and martial arts are viewed differently from ballet.
  • Aesthetics. Weather or not the art is pleasing to the eye is a large factor with how it is evaluated by the simple nature of our judgement. Things we like looking at are evaluated as better than things we don't.
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Abstract Art

I evaluate this as bad art because I find it very dull and not aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time appearing to require no skill or technique whatsoever. This shows how different people evaluate art differently though, because this painting was sold for over $40 MILLION at an auction.