PB & Jam Slam

Someone's going without lunch today

Collect Peanut Butter for your Local Food Bank

Boys scouts are going around the neighborhood and schools collecting food for the poor and starving people of America. They're trying to help them to give them a better experience in school, and fill their stomachs.

The Issue

In 2012, 49 million people lived in households without enough food to eat. This group includes 16 million children-1 in 5 people of USA.


Peanut butter is an item that is often requested at food pantries. It's high in protein, has a long shelf life, and liked by many. Decide how your homeroom going to help.

Stack Up

Work with your homeroom to get a big stack of peanut butter, stored by your door. Non-perishable food items, and easy meals are needed. No easily breakable jars. The homeroom with the most participants will get a special prize

The Prize

The homeroom who wins will get a plate of cookies with enough for each person.