The War of 1812

By: KeSean Boyd

Before the War

36 years ago the Americans gained independence from Great Britain. Great Britain did not like this at all, and wanted control again. In 1812, the British Navies started to kidnap American sailors. They forced the sailors to serve their country. They also wanted to block American trade with the French, who were ruled by Napolean Bonparte and trying to overrule Britain. The Americans wanted to stay neutral, but wanted to drive Britain out of Canada( Britain ruled ) and out of North America and gain their freedom back.

The War Begins

The Americans invaded Canada and fought Natives, allied with the British. The Americans burned down Ontario. Britain couldn't drive them out immediately because they were busy fighting the French in Europe. Eventually, the French were defeated and the British were able to focus on defending Canada. Each side had an equal amount of losses. After war in Canada, the British blockcaded docks on the eastern coast and invaded the capitol, Baltimore. They burned down the White House and bombed Fort McHenry, causing thousands of deaths. Francis Scott Key witnessed the bombing of Fort McHenry and created a song about it. This song was made our official National Anthem in 1931. The Battle of New Orleans was the last major battle in the war. General Andrew Jackson led the defending troops in New Orleans, and was successful.


The War Finally Ends

The 3 year war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent. The Americans had a total loss of about 15,000 and the British had a loss of about 8,600. It is still unknown of how many Natives died.