The Raft

Zhimar Bruner

Before the crash

Robbie was living with her aunt in Hawaii, but she had to leave.She was left alone and was attacked by a hobo and hot scared so she decided to go back home on a plane.She was not weighed for the plane so they had no way of knowing there was too much weight on the plane.

In the ocean

While in the ocean Robbie was in a raft with a man she hardly knew named max. Max was injured so he slept a lot.They where in the raft for a long time and never got the attention of a plane or any other rescue.

On the island

The raft crashed on the island, and Max was still sleeping. Robbie had to figure out a way to survive on the island. Later on Robbie says that Max is all in her head and died after she threw him off the raft while they were in the ocean. She had to face tiger sharks to survive. Later she was rescued by a research boat.


Text to self: I once had to stay in a hotel alone in disney world while everyone else was out shopping.

Text to text: It reminds me of a book called "call it courage" about a boy who is stranded and faces on tiger sharks.

Text to world: This could happen and probably already has. People get stranded and figure out a way to live.