An Extreme Sport


This page will give you a small introduction to the world of Free running and what its about, a video to show what the young generation will do in a small town showing that you can Free run anywhere if you have the skill, will and determination and a few pictures to go with it.


Free running is a worldwide extremist sport to the point where professionals are classed as superhuman. Free running is not a sport for the faint hearted as every trick no matter how small can become incredibly dangerous or even fatal if attempted under the wrong circumstances and or without a trainers help. becoming a Free runner is a healthy lifestyle choice and is an easy fun way to loose weight, gain muscle and increase life expectancy, also it is a great way to deal with stress and anger. When a certain skill level is reached within the sport you can incorporate Free running into everyday life no matter where you are, as the video above shows.
Constant motion
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