A Work in Progress

Connor Franta


The nonfiction memoir, A Work in Progress by Connor Franta, is about Connor Franta, a Youtuber. This book describes struggles in his life that he worked hard to overcome. It also offers words of advice and the personal experiences behind them. Despite his young age, (22) Connor writes about the amazing journey he has had in his life, from his accomplishments; becoming a successful youtuber, writing this book, adventuring in photography, and overcoming personal struggles, to his lows in life; walking through years of denial, holding back on his artistic side, and depression.

Problem and Solution

In the book A Work in Progress by Connor Franta, chapter seven, (Levels of Friendship) Connor reflects back onto when he was in grade school. It was a fresh, cool winter day, and he was on the playground formulating a plan. You see, in this chapter Connor trys to explain levels of friendship, and who to count on. At the time this person was his best friend Jacob, and he was in trouble. He got in trouble and had to miss out on recess and sit on "the wall". The teacher Mrs. Lewis, would not let Connor to stand by Jacob like the loyal friend he was. This led to Connor having the bright idea to hit a kid in the face with a snowball to get in trouble as well. As a result, Connor and Jacob ended up on the wall together.


In the memoir A Work in Progress by Connor Franta, chapter 6 (When I Was...) Connor describes in concise paragraphs events that happened throughout his life. First, Connor wrote one: and then a short paragraph about how when he was one year old his dad threw him in a lake to teach him to swim. Next, he wrote 4: and then another short paragraph, but this one about how when he was four years old he broke his brothers arm.
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