Hudson River School

Haruka Kawai


Where is it located?

Actually this "school" is a way of thinking, so there isn't a building or a place where the painters studied. The Hudson River School is a way of appreciating the nature of the new country of America in the years following the Revolution. The artists wanted to emphasize the beauty of the Hudson River and other landscapes that were unique to America.

This school of art is part of the 1900s century American art.

The subject matter of each painting is based on American nature.

The Arts | Thomas Cole & Hudson Valley Painters


The two main influences are romanticism and national pride.

The national pride comes from the appreciation of the wilderness.

Time period

After the war of 1812, the idea of having pride in the nature of America was a driving force for the painters of the 1820s until 1880s.

Famous Artists

Thomas Cole was the founder. He wrote "Essay In The American Scenery" that established the focus of this artistic movement.

Frederick Edwin Church painted water falls and the area of the Hudson River, which is where the name comes from.

Asher B Durand was inspired by Cole.

Cole and Durand Believed that the American landscape was like the garden of Eden. The beauty of America was fresh and sacred to them.

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