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The Spencer Elementary August 31, 2018

Our Mission

The Spencer Community is devoted to developing every child's ability to succeed.

News From the Office

Dear Spencer Families,

We apologize for the delay and frustration with the teacher notification process. We have addressed the issues and have made corrections to plan for the future.

It's finally here, the first day of school! It will be Tuesday, September 4th. We start school at 8:47. Feel free to drop off your child/ren at 8:35. They can proceed to their designated area where the teacher will meet you. They will have signs indicating who they are.

Please see the map below, not only for drop-off locations but where the students will come into the building. These areas are designated in blue.

*JK/K Families, you will attend the first day with your child. Please come into the front doors at 9:15 and meet us in the gym. We'll begin around 9:30.

The JK/K families will also end a touch early around 3:15. Once again, please come through the front doors and meet us in the gym.

*1/2 Day K Families- your day will end near noon. Please meet Mrs.Loiselle near the front entrance near the crosswalk. She will meet you there at 12:00.

Daily Start Time:

Starting Time - 8:47 AM

Dismissal Time - (11:57 for 1/2 Kindergarten) 3:50 PM

Tardy Time - 8:47 AM

Attendance Line*- 810-299-4354

*Please remember to call your child's absence in as early as possible. Even if you send a note to your child's teacher, please call this number to indicate to the office staff.

***UPDATED*** Lunchtimes for Spencer Students:

1/2 K - No Lunch

Jk-Full Day K - 11:35-12:00

1st Grade- 12:05-12:30

2nd Grade- 12:35-1:00

4th Grade- 1:05-1:30

3rd Grade- 1:35-2:00


If your child needs to take medication during the school day, please use the link found below. The form will need to be filled out by your child's physician for prescription as well as over-the-counter medications. For safety reasons, students are never allowed to carry medications. Medications must be brought to school by a parent/guardian in its original container.

Student Insurance:

Applications for student accident insurance can be obtained online at where parents can either print the PDF and enroll through the mail with a check OR enroll online with a credit card.


We will be offering breakfast before school. Students are welcome to enter the cafeteria beginning at 8:25 to purchase a full breakfast or from the a la carte options. The breakfast price of $2.00 includes fruit or juice and milk. Our lunch prices are $2.50, and milk can still be purchased a Ia carte for $.50.

Bus Routes:

The Transportation Department is sending bus and route information in the mail this week. If your child is to be picked up or dropped off anywhere but home, you will need to fill out an Alternate Destination Form before school starts. The forms are available in our office or in the transportation department.

Friday Newsletters:

Friday newsletters are our way of keeping families informed about school events throughout the year and are emailed to parents every Friday. If you prefer, copies are available in the office.

Spencer PTO:

We have many enjoyable activities and programs planned for this school year. We encourage you to get involved in your child's education and events. As always there are opportunities to volunteer with our active and superb PTO and your child's classroom.

Picture Day:

Please watch your student’s backpack for information about picture day within the next couple of weeks. Picture Day is scheduled for October 4th this year. Re-take picture day will be November 15.

Again, welcome or welcome back to our AMAZING school. We are glad you are here! Let us know how we can help you.

Drop-Off Locations

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Electronic Devices

Please do not send your child to school with expensive electronic devices. The school will not be responsible if these items are lost, stolen or broken. If something does come to school, it must remain off and in a backpack.

Parking Lot

With respect to Student Safety, we want to take a moment to remind parents of the morning drop off procedures. Please remember that our staff members are out there with the intention of keeping our students safe. Please be courteous to fellow parents and staff members.

To Parents using the Drop Off Lane:

  • Please do not park in the drop off lane. Use the large lot to park and walk your child(ren) in.
  • The parking lot is to be used as a roundabout.
  • Children are only allowed to exit the RIGHT side of the vehicle, NEVER the left side, as it is not safe.
  • Please have your child exit the vehicle as soon as you are stopped.
  • Do not drop your child off at the Kindergarten doors, move all the way to the front of the crosswalk.
  • Kiss and go, we'll get your child where they need to be. The drop-off procedure should take about 10-15 seconds.

To Parents parking in the lot:

  • Only cross at the one crosswalk area located in front of the building.
  • You may not cross in front of busses.
  • NEVER drop your student off in the parking lot and allow them to cross alone.
  • If the busses have already left for the morning, you'll need to walk your child through the main doors and sign them in.
  • It's easier and less congested if you walk your child up to their designated area, give a hug and kiss and away you go. Doing it this way will help with the flow of students inside the building.

In General:

  • Please be courteous to other drivers – our children are watching.
  • Please, refrain from using your phone while driving through the parking lot, is it not safe and it slows down the process.
  • The speed limit is 5 MPH.

The McKinny-Vento Act

The Brighton Area Schools is part of a consortium to serve students in temporary living situations that provides financial support for educational needs, referral for housing, clothing and other needs, general support and technical assistance. To ensure compliance with federal law, all school staff must help identify student living in the following situations: emergency shelters/transitional housing, motels/hotels, car, parks or public spaces, shared housing due to a loss of housing or economic hardship, or temporary foster care placement living temporarily with non-parent or guardian.

The district’s homeless liaison is Starr Acromite and each building has trained staff members to assist in the endeavor. Our consortium contact at the Livingston Educational Service Agency is Candice Uyttendaele.

Please contact Mr.Renner or Starr Acromite at 810-299-4040 for information/assistance.

Medication Paperwork

Please click here for a direct link.

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Family Passes

On the first day of school, your child will receive their family pass number for their backpack and have your family pass numbers as well. If you are picking up your child on September 4, you'll meet with your child's teacher in the gym and she will dismiss your child to you.

On Wednesday, September 5, you'll need to have your number to check-out your child in the gym. We will check at the door.

Wednesday's Dinner is Already Planned!

Brighton Area Schools has a partnership with Hungry Howies Pizza.

Spencer is having their first Hungry Howie's Pizza Night on Wednesday, September 5. They will donate 10% of the entire day sales back to Spencer Elementary! All you'll need to do is tell them you're from Spencer elementary when you order your pizza.

When Should My Child Stay Home?

Here's an easy sheet to reference if your child should stay home form the County Health Department

Birthday Treats

Last year Spencer Elementary faced a medical emergency in the lunchroom with regards to a child eating something that she was allergic too. After review of the situation with the district nurse and staff, we have decided as a building to no longer have birthday food items in the building. We are not trying to dampen the day or the excitement of your child's big day. This is a safety issue that I cannot have our lunch staff personnel try to memorize over 500 students dietary needs and hoping the students will be honest and tell us if they can or cannot have a treat.

To help, let's think of other creative ways we could celebrate your child, such as possibly bringing in a book for their class. What about a special pencil for the classmates? There are a lot of different options to consider that will still make the day special without jeopardizing the safety of others.

You can continue to send in your regular lunch favorites. And as always we would invite you in to share lunch with your child on their special day!

Click HERE for some other non-food celebration ideas.

Save the Date:

We’ve listened to your requests and changed Spencer’s Curriculum Night to earlier in the year. This is not just about curriculum, but about the routines and procedures, your child will need to know about for your child’s classroom along with answering questions you might have.

This event will be for the parents only.

Wednesday, September 5 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm for 1st and 2nd Grade Families

Thursday, September 6 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm for 3rd and 4th Grade Families

Our traditional Open House will be mid-October. More details to come.

Important Dates:


4- First Day of School!

5 - Hungry Howie's Pizza Night

5 - Curriculum Night for parents of first and second graders from 6:00 - 7:00 pm

6 - Curriculum Night for parents of third and fourth graders from 6:00 - 7:00 pm