Felix Mendelssohn

Mason Greenwood

Childhood Day's

Date of Birth:2/13/1809
Country of Birth:Germany

Mendelssohn was reconized early as a musical prodigy but his parents were cautionous and did not seek to capitalize on his talent.Early success in Germany,where he also revived interest in the music of Johan Sebastion Bach.

Personal Live

The Leipzig Conservatorie was the beginning of composers including Mendelssohn.He includes symphonies,concerti,orantonios,piano music,and chamber music in his artistically talented music.His creative originality has been recognized and re-envaluated for one of the most popular composers of the Romantic Era.And lastly his conservative musical taste sets him apart from composers like Franz Liza,Richard Wagoner,and Hector Berlioz,which found and became a Bastion of his anti-radical work.In October 4 1847 his memories were carried to a better place with him he then before his death found out the problem was caused by Pathologic Brain Alterations

Famous Music Piece

The Wedding March

At weddings in many western countries,this piece is commonly used as a recessional.He then teamed up with the Bridal Chorus from Richard Wagoners opera Lohengrin,or with Jeremiah's Prince of Denmark's March