Instructional Coaches

Making the Most of Your Coaching Impact!

Have you noticed the sweeping obsession with social media? You cannot escape its far-reaching impact on our society. Social media has exploded in popularity because connecting and maintaining relationships is important to us. Our presenter, Michele Luck, will capitalize on our natural desire for relationships and lead you through many experiences that encourage collaboration and meaningful conversations during the workshop. By putting these experiences to work in your coaching practice, they will help your teachers feel valued and inspire them to take their instruction to the next level.

Making the Most of Your Coaching Impact Learning Outcomes:

  • Experience relationship-building activities that create a professional risk-taking learning environment that promotes shifts in practice.
  • Develop collaboration strategies that create opportunities for educators to share their diverse ideas and perspectives, growing their practice while connecting to their beliefs about the teaching/learning cycle.
  • Reflect and adjust coaching practices based on the diversity of your educators' desired goals, expertise, and personality traits.

Join us as we welcome Michele Luck back to the SIEC for this professional learning session!

Tuesday, Aug. 30th, 9am-3pm

Southern Indiana Education Center, 1102 Tree Lane Drive, Jasper, IN 47546

*Lunch is included in the registration fee and 6 PGPs will be provided.

*All times are EASTERN time zone.

*Please bring the tech device of your choice.

*Registration fee is $145 (ESC members) and $205 (non-members). See registration link below.