People of the colonies

By:Jade Blalock

Large landholders

Large landholders sometimes lived on southern plantations and lived in large houses on the plantations.They filled their houses with fine china and silverware.They also held fancy balls and wore elegant clothes.Planters also served as judges and members of the colonial assembly.Planters were the best-educated and sometimes started their own schools for their children.They even hired people from Europe to be teachers.The sons of planters' would later go to Europe to complete their educated,but girls only went to school until they were about age 12 or 13,they were only expected to the basic skills like reading and sewing with a needle.For the work needed to run a plantation the planters counted on enslaved African Americans or indentured servants,Planters and their wives are responsible for taking care of the people on the plantation like,feeding them,giving them clothes,and giving them medical care to the families and the workers.


Farmers did not get to live on plantations,instead they lived on small farms.They raised grains,vegetables,and fruits.