Week 16: Say goodbye

It is time to do that

I will keep this short and sweet, just to mix it up from my normal style.

Our 2013 Late Night Tier II fantasy football league has officially come to a close, and I would like to congratulate our Grand Champion on his outstanding victory:


With a whopping 38 points, I took an early and dominant lead and never looked back. Some would say it is my innate football knowledge, others say that it is because I am naturally gifted at prognostication. Weeks 4, 9, and 16 were my highlights, where I picked all 5 matchups correctly. I think I took the whole "Know Thyself" aphorism to heart when I bet against myself almost every single week; that's where I made most of my money.

In summary, if Pick 'Em were Blackjack, I would be the dealer and you would all be Matt Brown. See you next year you silly ass trix.

Second place - Spencer Mountain

Spencer claimed Tier 2's second most coveted award - the recognition of "Not Losing in Playoffs". Congratulations to Spencer on his $120, but I will take the Pick 'Em bragging rights any day.

Third Place

Jess made her way up the ranks in the Tier 2 realm, and would like to thank her sponsors Pall Mall and Swisher Sweets. Next year she can look forward to a lot of really pleasant and intellectual Tier 1 discourses, and following in Lacey's footsteps.

Dishonorable Mention

Zacky Zack could taste the salty and proteinacious promises of the Tier 1 glory hole, but fell back to Earth after a bitter upset from Mrs. Commish in the semifinals. Keep your head up Zack, there's always Decathlon :-/