Clinical Geneticist

Maxine Scott/Period 3rd


A field in biology that studys heredity. A process where parents pass genes to their offspring. But this genetic information has risks of carrying diseases or disorders.

What is it??

Clinical Geneticists are specialized physicians who study the science of heredity, genetics and inherited traits. Then apply that information to real life situations. For example diagnosing and treating a patient of an inherited disease.

Job Duties/Tasks

Help treat patients with genetic health issues, organize screenings, prescribe therapy, and interact with genetic counselors. They evaluate medical histories the patient and their families. Plus collecting and analyzing DNA samples with gel electrophoresis.

Collages for molecular biology

Training Requirements

  • Must have a bachelors degree in a physical or biological science field
  • Doctor of medicine or osteopathic medicine
  • Must finish six years of residency and training to gain certification from the American Board of Medical Genetics

Annual Base Salary