Willmot Walkabout

Week 2, Term 2

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The Week In View...

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New staff beginning...

We have 2 new staff members who will begin soon in a temporary capacity. Amanda Starling will begin in a couple of weeks on trial for 2 days per week as an SLSO in KT.
Bronwyn (apology for not remembering her last name and neither does Lakey apparently oops), will begin with us tomorrow in the office. Her days will be Monday and Tuesday and she will assist Jill and Sue as they began their LMBR training.
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NAPLAN will be conducted on Monday-Wednesday in Week 3 for students in Years 3 and 5. Phil is developing a timetable for how the week will work i.e. who will be supervising the students participating and who will be supervising students not involved.
Students who are absent on these days will have an opportunity to complete a make-up test on Thurs or Fri.
Thank you to the teachers of these grades. We know you have been working hard to prepare our students!

UWS Reading Ambassador Program begins this week...

We will have 7 Reading Ambassadors who have been trained by Western Sydney University. They will be coming for an orientation on Thursday from 2.0--2.30pm. They will begin with targeted students from Years 4 and 5 in week 3.

The Smith Family Learning Club begins this term...

The Learning Club (Homework focussed) will begin in Week 5 after NAPLAN and a few other things... It will be conducted between 3.00-4.00pm in the computer lab. Danielle and Leanne have been coordinating all of our Smith Family programs.
The Smith Family are recruiting volunteers to help with the program. Each week, one teacher from our staff will be supervising the program along with the volunteers. This supervision will be done in lieu of the normal TPL session that occurs weekly.
Danielle is currently developing a timetable and we will provide you with the expectations at our next available opportunity when we are together as as a staff.

Schema Theory Flipped Classroom Session on SDD

Thank you for those teachers who completed the Schema task for staff development day. It was great to say such valuable input and also the use of creative technologies was fantastic!
For those who did not complete the task, we will ask you to complete a similar task on a different topic in relation to one of our upcoming TPL's this term. We will advise you as soon as possible so that you can be prepared.
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Willmot Whisper Articles due from week 3 nominees...

Willmot Whisper articles are due on Monday of week 3 (see responsibility below for week 3). Please place them in the correct folder on common drive that Jill has set up - see filepath below:
Teacher / Teachers / 2016 / Admin / Willmot Whisper / Term 2 / Week 3
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PBL EOI for AP / Head Teacher positions x 2 (see this week's edition of SchoolBiz)

EOI - AP/ HT Positive Behaviour for Learning

An opportunity exists for a school executive or teacher with experience and understanding of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) to work with the Macquarie Park Educational Services PBL Team. The AP/HT PBL will deliver professional learning and support school teams to implement consistent and effective PBL systems and practices across the Macquarie Park Operational Directorate. There are two positions available, most likely to be based in western Sydney.

Enquiries and applications:
Vivienne Branch
Phone: 8808 4960
Email: vivienne.branch@det.nsw.edu.au.

Closing Date: Applications close 4:00pm, Thursday 5 May 2016.
Please see attachment for further details regarding the position.

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New DoE Anzac Centenaery Resources

Anzac stories is a suite of stage appropriate videos that is part of the Department of Education’s contribution to the NSW Government Centenary of Anzac.

Anzac symbols ( http://bit.ly/AnzacSymbols ) is the first resource to be released as part of this series features the videos Rising Sun badge and Slouch hat feathers. The resource addresses BOSTES Stage 2 history syllabus outcomes relating to community and remembrance. They feature students in discussion with Brad Manera, senior historian from the Hyde Park ANZAC Memorial, about these First World War artefacts. The students investigate national symbols, the Rising Sun badge and the Light Horse slouch hat with emu plumes, their origins and symbolic significance. The videos include historic film and photographs..

Each video is accompanied by:

  • a student viewing guide with related learning activities for before, during and after viewing
  • comprehensive teaching notes
  • relevant BOSTES Australian curriculum in NSW, history outcomes and content
  • links to related resource material.

Through viewing Rising Sun badge and Slouch hat feathers and participating in the learning activities students will:

  • study national symbols including the Rising Sun badge, the slouch hat with feathers, the Australian Coat of Arms, The Australian flag and the Australian Aboriginal flag
  • employ inquiry and communication skills
  • create multimedia works that could be shared with other classes and/or included in commemorative events.

New Anzac stories videos for Stage 1 to Stage 5 will be added to the suite and made available on the Anzac Centenary page of the NSW Public Schools website ( http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/events/anzac-centenary/index.php ) as they are published

For more information contact Steve Wilkins, Leader, Learning Design and Development at steve.wilkins1@det.nsw.edu.au.

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