Q's & A's (#1) - (#10)

1. An issue with subsidence is that its causes damage to roads, railroads, houses, and bridges. Another issue is that it causes majors floods.

2.Negative effects with Subsidence is that it causes changes in elevation and major rainfall.

3. Main regions are affected by Subsidence are coastal areas such as Galveston, Alaska, Florida, and California.

4. River organisms such as frogs, fish, beavers, ect.

5. Their habitat looses water so in extreme cases they could die out or would have to find a new habitat. Also you could lose your home.

6. Yes, because we have streams, lakes, and rivers so the water level can drop and cause habitat and organism loss.

7. No.

8. Uneven ground, leaky drains, ground water withdrawn (human) are all causes od subsidence.

9. They reduce deep well pumping, to help solve this problem. You can also build underground aquifiers.

10. Our idea to prevent this problem is before a house is built dig a hole and fill it with cement so theres no uneven ground. And for lakes or big streams, put an aquifier in the underground.

Video of diaster of Subsidence

House Disaster from Subsidence