Friday Focus

Holy Name of Mary, November 23, 2018

Happy Friday!

We had another great week at Holy Name, despite the icy chill in the weather and the full moon rising! Thank you to everyone for your participation and collaboration in today's professional learning activities. It was great to hear such supportive and honest discussions about Fundamental Math and Financial Literacy. We are blessed to have such a great team.

Have a great weekend!

Caroline & Pascale

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Great teaching strategies

Sometimes you just have to inject a little fun into your teaching! I was supervising Lee's class at lunch one day this week and every single student was so excited to teach me the Baby Shark Dance that is apparently all the rage right now. Then I was in Jane's class the next day and it was the same phenomenon. Throw this video on for a whole-class body break. Then show them that you've got a sense of fun and join right in. You'll put a huge smile on their faces and they will love knowing that they've taught YOU something!

Good Stuff

I didn't get around to take as many pictures as I wanted to this week, so thank you to the teachers who shared some of the things I missed! If you've got great activities happening in your classroom, give us a call. We love seeing what you are doing and watching you and your kids in action!

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The Week Ahead

Monday, November 26

  • Cathy out (Natalie Holmes)
  • Jillian out (am only) (Christine Provost)
  • Miranda Wilby (student teacher) starting in Sara Reid's class
  • Peter out (Tara Miller)
  • Caroline and Pascale meeting at 9:30am
  • JK/SK/Gr. 2 Dental Screening
  • Grade 7 & 8 needles
  • Progress Reports go home
  • Susan Newsham in to volunteer
  • Safety plan meeting for DT @ 3:30pm

Tuesday, November 27

  • Gina out (pm only) (John Murray)
  • Jillian out (pm only) (Jenna Sweeney)
  • Kris out (Christine Provost)
  • Julie out (pm only) (Jennifer Bowler)
  • Karen B out (Kevin Hogan)
  • Sara H out (Marina Rigakis)
  • Lauren at Board Office all day
  • Christy Drake in for Tier 2 testing
  • Caroline and Pascale meeting at 1:00pm
  • Constable Streng in

Wednesday, November 28

  • Sara H out (Anne Gallant)
  • Gen out (pm only) (Jennifer Bowler)
  • SIP Day (Jenn Brown in. Mary and Erin in meetings all day, therefore no in-class support)
  • Claire Dulmage in for assessment
  • Special Education meeting @ 8:15
  • November Mass @ 10:00am
  • Subway Day
  • Constable Streng in (OPP Kids)
  • MSM meeting @ 3:15

Thursday, November 29

  • Christine Cox in to work in the library
  • Jessica Norris in
  • Ron out (am) (Christine Provost)
  • Pizza Day
  • Parent-Teacher interviews from 4:00-7:30. Supper from 3:30-4:00
  • Constable Streng in (am)

Friday, November 30

  • Clubs Day
  • Mary out
  • Popcorn Day
  • Toonies for Tuition Pyjama Day
  • Steve out (Christine Provost)
  • Sara Reid out (pm) (Jenna Sweeney)
  • Jillian out (am only)