PJC Dual Credit AutoCad

Drafting and Design

Course Goals and Objectives:

Identify terminology and basic functions used with CAD software; use CAD hardware and

software to create, organize, display, and plot/print working drawings; and use file

management techniques.

Course Schedule:

Week 1-Getting Started AutoCAD Overview

Week 2-Basic Drawing Set-up

Week 3-Draw Commands

Week 4-Modify Commands

Week 5-Utilities (Zoom, Pan, Undo, Redo)

Week 6-Drawing Aids & Osnaps

Week 7-Creating & Editing Text

Week 8-Layers

Week 9- Inquiry Tools (Distance, Area)

Week 10- Dimensioning

Week 11- Annotative Objects

Week 12- Using Hatches

Week 13-Cabin Project

Week 14-Creating & working with Blocks

Week 15-Printing and Plotting

Week 16-Finals

Assignment Schedule:

See blackboard for a detailed list of assignment due dates. There are 28 lessons in this class

and the student is expected to complete 4 lessons every 2 weeks.

Course Requirements and Evaluation:

Course Evaluation

Assignments: 60% of total grade

Final Exam/Project: 40% of total grade

Grade Scale

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

00-59 F