Digital Citizenship

Digital Footprint & Reputation

What is your Digital Footprint?

Digital Footprint is the trail that individuals leave online, including what they send, websites they visits, location services, and submissions. All of this leaves a mark on your reputation, and you should understand the footprint you are leaving behind while online whether it is positive or negative.

Always be aware of what you post, or what others post about you because it can always be tracked back to you. With a growing rate of technology, there is always going to be information others can access. It is important that your footprint is a trail of information that you want to be shared with the public.


Reputation is how you are perceived online. It is important to keep your reputation appropriate, positive, and respectful because it's always going to be available to others.

Remember that what you post today, can have an effect on you tomorrow. As you apply for jobs and colleges, they search for your social media platforms. This should encourage you to refrain from posting the scandalous picture, or sending the risky email. This will help keep your footprint clean, and the technological world more appropriate for all ages. It is also important to stay up to date with the regulations of posting and publishing, and you should at least skim the terms and conditions. The better the reputation you're leaving online, the better the footprint you are creating.

  1. Enable Privacy and Location Settings
  2. Google yourself
  3. Never post something you wouldn't want your grandma, college admissions, or a future employer to see
  4. Posting is permanent
  5. Beware of oversharing
  6. Create strong passwords to avoid being hacked
  7. Use secure search engines
  8. Do not share private information online, especially social media
  9. Consider skimming over the terms & conditions
  10. Try not registering for unnecessary accounts
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By: Kate O'Neill