Secondary Update

9th May 2016

Thanks go to...

Peter, Sue, Kirsty and Brian for doing an incredible job leading the Secondary section over the last few months.

Brian and the exams team for working the Public Holiday on Monday to facilitate DP Exams

Maura and Ophelia for Thursday's Battle of the Books (and well done to the team!)

Ophelia for the Y10 Personal Project workshop on Thursday

Everyone, for making me feel so welcome in my first week. I am really enjoying settling into life at DC and getting to know you all! - James

Featured colleagues - Gillian Whittaker and Debbie Tai

It was great to see so many colleagues at the Wellbeing drinks at the Sports Bar on Wednesday. Two of the colleagues sharing their stories were Gill and Debbie, who run distance races all over the world. Some of their running locations include Budapest, Tokyo, San Francisco, Bangkok, Melbourne and Cape Town. Their achievements are a living embodiment of everything we believe about the importance of resilience, wellbeing and support for each other. Wish them well for their next adventure - they are running the Great Wall of China!!!

SLT are talking about...

- Planning Secondary CPD (dates for your diaries: Friday 27th May - PM, and Saturday 28th May - all day)

- learning points from the Stakeholder Survey

- ESF's adoption of the ISTE Standards for digital literacies, and how DC can use them

- Following up on discussions with Deans and HoDs - Day Zero, Assessment

- the VALUE project and how this can support Teacher Inquiries

James getting to know DC

One of the things I would love to do over the next few weeks is to sit down with you all and get to know you. Claudia is doing an amazing job finding blocks where we can meet, and so if you are a member of staff connected with the Secondary section you may shortly receive a meeting invitation. Thank you in anticipation for sparing your time - it's a great opportunity for me to understand life at DC and I hope the conversation is useful for you as well.

When we meet I hope to use the '2 stars and a wish' format for our conversation - 2 things you love about life at DC / the Secondary section in particular and 1 way in which you aspire for us to develop into the future. Please do have a think in advance about this, and I am really looking forward to the discussion.

Also, one of the highlights of last week for me was seeing the fantastic learning opportunities that are happening across the school. I had a lot of fun visiting lessons and was inspired by the quality of relationships, the way students are able to articulate their learning and the passion and skill with which our teachers do their work. I am hoping to visit classrooms as much as I can, so thank you in advance for the opportunity to learn from you all.
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