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Put First Things First...This Week @ Thousand Oaks

2/22-Team Leader meeting after school, Magazine Fundraiser Kickoff!

2/23 &2/24-Early dismissal: STUDENT-LED CONFERENCES!

2/25-Jenae's coach is on campus in the morning

2/26- Pierette on campus all day meeting with SPED teachers, visitors on campus for learning walkthroughs

Be Proactive...Morning Duty This Week

cafeteria: CHAPMAN
gym 2: JACKSON

Sharpen the Saw...Clubs this Monday





Happy Birthday to you! February Birthdays

2/13-Lynnda Nerio and Jil Richter

2/15-Ashley Doty

2/17-Michelle Dardeau

2/27-Lisa Bachhofer

2/28-Jillian Cox

Begin with the End in Mind...Upcoming Events...

2/29-3/4-Texas Public Schools Week


3/1-New teacher check-in

3/2-Read Across America, Dr. Seuss' birthday: dress like your favorite Seuss character or wear a fun hat, FAculty meeting: learning session

3/3-Principal meeting, Heroes for Health Day

3/4-Jenae's coach on campus PM

3/7-College t-shirt & jeans day

3/9-1st and 4th grade field trips

3/11-504 and ELL accommodations due, Career day, PTA Spring Break luncheon, end of nine weeks

3/14-3/18-SPRING BREAK!

Read Across America Day!

Read Around the School Buddy Activity

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

8:35 – 9:35 AM / K, 2nd, 3rd & 5th 10:25 - 11:25 AM / 1st & 4th

2 Weeks Before: Feb. 17th

  • K-2 grade teachers pair up with 3rd-5th grade teachers as reading buddy classes.
  • One teacher will plan to be the “reader” the other will be the “crowd controller” on the day of the event. Please let Candy know which class is your buddy class when you select your book. (The library will create a master list for the event.)
  • Pick a title by Dr. Seuss to read. The library will help you locate the tile you want to use. (Many of you may already have a copy of your favorite.) You, or a student leader of your choice will have 10 minutes to read the book during the event. It’s OK to read just part of the book.
  • One of the teachers, or a group of students, needs to create a poster to advertise the story that will be read. (We will have poster board for this in the library.)

2 Days Before : Monday, February 29th

  • Please hang your poster outside the classroom where the story will be read by Monday afternoon. The poster will mark the location of where the story will be read. (The library will assist you with hanging the posters.)

1 Day Before: Tuesday, March 1st

  • Each pair of buddy classes will meet (at any time they choose) to take a poster tour around the area of the school they will be using for this event. This will give the buddy pairs a chance to get some ideas of which books they would like to hear read the next day.

Day Of Event: Wednesday, March 2nd, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!

  • The librarian will come on the Intercom/PA System at 8:35 / K, 2nd, 3rd & 5th and again at 10:25 / 1st & 4th to ask the “big buddies” to go to their “little buddies” classrooms to pick them up. At 8:40 or 10:30 all buddies will be together in one of the buddy classes’ classrooms.
  • Buddy pairs will need to decide which story they would like to hear first. Students have the opportunity to travel to hear two stories during this rotation event. (When the buddy pairs are together in their original classroom, before or after this rotation event, it is suggested that a third story be read.)
  • At 8:45 / 10:35, I’ll announce that it is time to travel to the first story.
  • At 8:50 / 10:40, I’ll announce that it is time to start reading.
  • At 9:00 / 10:50, I’ll announce that it is time to travel to the next story.
  • At 9:05 / 10:55, I’ll announce that it is time to start reading
  • At 9:15 / 10:05, I’ll announce for big buddies to take little buddies back to the classroom they started from for an optional final story (if there is time).
  • At 9:20 / 10:10 Read the optional final story & distribute Read Across America spirit sticks.
  • By 9:35/ 10:25 all students should be in the appropriate location for their

next learning activity.

Leader in Me Night was a HUGE Success! Thank you to the Lighthouse Team and the Student Lighthouse members!

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