Week at a Glance

Becky's 2-Year Kindergarten Class...February 5, 2016


What does lonely mean? When do you feel lonely? What does it look like if someone's feeling lonely? What can we do if we are feeling lonely or if someone else looks like they're feeling lonely? Do you always feel lonely when you're alone or do you sometimes enjoy alone time? This was the basis for our discussion on the feeling lonely this week. See if your child has anything to say!


We are wrapping up our work with number combinations! Our foucs for the week was on story problems involving number combinations. We started by solving combinations like... I have 6 blue and red crayons. Some are blue and some are red. How many of each could I have? or I have 11 blue and red crayons. I have more blue than red crayons. How many of each could I have? There was lots of deep thinking happening, as we tried to come up with multiple solutions to each problem!

Story problems provide a great opportunity to integrate math with language arts and even art, which is exactly what we did in writing our own number combination stories! First, pick a secret number combination from the bowl and then creat a story, complete with an illustration!

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We took a bit of a break from routines this week to make time for a couple of group projects that integrated theme and language arts! Read on...


Jane Goodal, John Muir and Harriet Tubman are 3 Earth Heroes worthy of attention! After learning all about these 3 heroes last week, we broke into 3 groups and created posters to display, so that we can also teach others about these heroes! This process involved individual and group brainstorming and writing about why these folks are heroes. Part of our learning process for this project involved learing to work together as a group...taking turns, compromising, listening to one another, and acting as a leader. What happens when 2 group members have different ideas? How can we peacefully solve this? We also spent time learning how to make posters that display information in an interesting way and are easy to read...we worked really hard to use our neatest handwriting and to make things colorful! We learned how to design a visually appealing poster and even how to glue things on so that you don't forget how it was laid out (just take one item at a time off to glue on)! This was a great learning opportunity on many levels, and the kids are so very proud of their work! Please take a moment to enjoy your child's poster with him or her out in the hallway!
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This week we were lucky to have two local Earth Heroes visit OCS to teach us about the work they do as heroes!
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Drissia Ras works for the non-profit organization Friendly Water for the World. This orginization uses BioSand Water Filters to help communities around the world gain access to clean drinking water! They currently have projects in Kenya, India, Burundi, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Honduras and are developing projects in several other countries! How amazing that this organization is based out of Olympia! Drissia brought a small model of a BioSand filter, and it really was amazing ot see how the simple fiilter was able to so effecrively clean the water. What an amazing gift for folks in need of clean water!
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Ann and Gusto visited to teach us all about therapy dogs and the important work that trainers and their therapy dogs do! We learned about the importance of the relationship between a trainer and his or her dog and how we need to respect the feelings and emotions of working dogs...is he or she feeling any stress...does he or she want to do this type of work...We can show our dogs how much we care by being gentle and using positive reinforcement when training them! Ann has several therapy dogs and uses them in settings like hospitals and nursing homes to provide comfort and extra nurturing for patients. Read more about Ann and her work as a hero by following this link!


it feels so good to be able to contribute to our local community in meaningful (and fun!) ways! After making cookies for the Interfaith Warming Center a few weeks ago, the kids infromed be (and I whole-heartedly agreed) that we should make something healthier. They decided on nut butter and jam sandwiches! So sandwiches it was!

This provided a great opportunity for an authentic "how to" writing project. The day before making the sandwiches we worked in groups to think about and write out/draw the steps we would need to follow when making the sandwiches.

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We really had a good time making 46 almond butter and jam sandwiches! For some of us this was our first time ever making a sandwich! Everyone contributed and made several sanwiches! We worked together to problem solve "stiff" almond butter, shortages of one kind or another, and the sharing of utensils! Hal deliverd the sandwiches this week and said that, once again, folks were very appreciative of the food and began eating right away! I am so glad we can make a difference!

For Heaven's Sake Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

Remeber our visitors from last week? I am still in awe of the amazing work that Claudia and Dave do to help injured and orphaned animals...what giving and loving souls! We would like to thank them for gifting us with their visit and d very much like to help them with their work! We are collecting items to donate to the rehabilitation center. Items to collect include: paper towels, tissues, bleach, bird seed, suet, canned vegetables, laundry soap (he), and toilet tissue. We will collect items through next week and will make a delivery over mid-winter break. Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated! Here's a link to their web page and FB page. I have really been enjoying reading about this organization and following their FB page which is updated regularly with the work their doing...just this week they took in a saw-whet owl, a peregrine falcon, and a red-tailed hawk (who was hit by a car and required a $514 surgery to repair a ruptured crop)! Let's join together to be Earth Heroes!
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It's time to wrap up your reading and start collecting pledges! Please bring pledge money to school on Wednesday, February 10!

Important Dates

February 5: Begin collecing Read to Feed pledge money

February 10: Turn in pledge money to teachers

February 12: 1/2 day; Valentine's Day Celebration; Red Food Party sign-up

February15-19: Mid-winter break~no school

Ferbruary 26: FIeld trip to the Musuem of History and Industry in Seattle (9 to 3)

Upcoming Workshops

February 5: Marlo, Elsie

February 12: Tessa Jane, Lucy

February 26: Atticus, Declan

March 4: Sayde, Andrew

March 11: Lyla, Calder

March 18: Marlo, Elsie

March 25: Tessa Jane, Lucy

April 1: Atticus, Declan