Friday Focus

January 23rd, 2015

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Thank you for the great work with testing this week. Many students came up to me bragging about not only their outcomes, but their effort! I also saw so much growth from the writing pre-assessment to the post - surely a cause for celebration! The students were thrilled to share their writing journey with me, and they were so proud of their growth. They believe in themselves because you believe in them. Thank you! Also, a special thank you to the SWAT team and Melissa for your facilitation of the testing.

The second quarter is in the books! Time flies when you're having fun. :) Here's to two great quarters at Meadowview!

Preparations for PARCC continue to be underway. Thank you to our SpEd team and many others for assisting in the preparations for PARCC. PARCC testing will have implications for the entire school, so your teamwork and understanding will be greatly appreciated. More details to follow.

Thank you fourth-grade teachers for completing the time-consuming NAEP survey. If it was anything like the building-level survey, I'm sure you had a blast! :)

Somehow Zohaib got roped into being the DJ at our dance tonight, but the students will LOVE it! Thank you, Zohaib, for being such a good sport. Can't wait to see your dance moves.

F.O.C.U.S Self-Assessment

With the end of the second quarter under your belt, and after the craziness of testing, data entry, report cards, and conferences, take time to rate yourself on your level of implementation of F.O.C.U.S. What are your strengths and areas of opportunity in relation to F.O.C.U.S? What third quarter goal might you set for yourself to enhance F.O.C.U.S in your classroom or DEB groups? Is there a way in which I can support your implementation of F.O.C.U.S ? Do you need additional resources, ideas, etc? Would you like to visit your colleagues' classrooms for ideas? I'd be happy to sub. Please feel free to let me know what I can do for you. I'm here to help.

Bringing it back old school, but hopefully you see the point...

Free Throws

Learning Target Reminders

Please review the resources below as reminders regarding the use of learning targets. As I walk through classrooms, I see many high-quality learning targets that are aligned to Common Core State Standards, posted, explained, reviewed during the lesson, reviewed at the end of the lesson, and aligned to the assessment. I have observed students doing a nice job of self-assessing whether they reached the target as well. I have also seen 'learning targets' that focus on the activity in which students will be engaged (instead of what students will know as a result of the lesson). The links below help highlight the distinction between a learning target and a learning activity. The brief video and rubric within the first link may be especially helpful.

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Reaching ALL our Learners...

Notes and Reminders

  • As a general FYI, there are nine IEP meetings scheduled for next week.
  • Certified staff, please let me know when you complete the 5Essentials survey. Sixth-grade teachers, please email me with the date and time your students will complete the survey. So far, 11% of our families have completed the survey. In your communication with your families, please remind them to complete the survey.
  • The math grade-level meetings with Rachel will take place during PLCs next week. Thank you for being prompt.
  • Third through Sixth-Grade Teachers: Please make sure to continue to expose your students to the PARCC practice tests. Thanks!
  • As a reminder, mid-year goal reflections are due by January 30th.
  • Please continue to enter your daily collaboration notes into the Google doc.
  • Upper administration will be in the building next week. Keep calm and teach on!

Fun Fair Information

The Meadowview Fun Fair is scheduled for Friday, February 27th from 6:00-8:15 PM. The PTO has requested the use of the intermediate rooms again this year (as they have more room) in addition to the EC rooms, LRC, Gym, 3rd grade rooms, room 8, and kindergarten room. So, basically the only rooms they will not be using are the first and second grade classrooms and art and music rooms. Both the intermediate and primary bathrooms will be open. They ask that if your classroom is being used, please provide a map of how you want the desks arranged so they can put the room back together.

S'More Smores (this is a repeat, but read through carefully please)

Coming Up...

Monday, January 26th

It's a B Week - PLCs will be held, but Rachel will facilitate. Please come prepared with feedback and ideas regarding our math curriculum.

Superkids Coaching for Second Grade

Monday Meeting, 3-4 with ALL staff (The focus will be on student discipline. EC staff - Your thoughts and contributions will be appreciated even though our discussion will primarily focus on K-6 students.)

Tuesday, January 27th
Data Review Meetings for Primary in AM

Accelerated Math PD (select staff)

Wednesday, January 28th
Data Review Meetings (all day)

Conference Scheduling Meeting - 3:00-3:30 PM in the LRC (Please be prompt)

District Spelling Bee, 6:30 PM at JJH

Thursday, January 29th
NAEP Test for Fourth Grade (9:00-10:30 AM) Please be quiet in the intermediate hallways and near the conference room during this time. You will notice four NAEP representatives in the building at that time. Please do not disturb the fourth-grade classes from 9:00-10:30 AM. Thank you for your cooperation as fourth graders take this required test. :)

Friday, January 30th
Student Council Meeting 3 PM

Dates to Keep in Mind:

Monday, February 2nd - Monday Meeting for ALL staff (Special Ed/TA Collaboration and Individual Reflection)

Monday, February 2nd - School Board Meeting (curriculum update) 7:30 PM, JJH

Tuesday, February 3rd - Admin Meeting (Reg out in AM)

Friday, February 6th - Problem Solving Meetings (if necessary)

Friday, February 6th - PTO Sponsored Family Movie Night

Monday, February 9th - Battle of the Books

Tuesday, February 10th - ISBE PARCC Webinar (Reg only)

Tuesday, February 10th - Grades Due

Tuesday, February 10th - Parent/Teacher Advisory Committee Meeting, 4:45-6:00 PM, JJH (Maggie will be representing Meadowview.)

Thursday, February 12th - Report Cards Distributed in AM

Thursday, February 12th - Half Day, Dismissal at 11:40 AM. Parent/Teacher Conferences begin at 3:00 PM.

Friday, February 13th - No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences 11:00-4:00

Monday, February 16th - Presidents' Day, No School - Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 17th - Admin Meeting (Reg out in AM)

Wednesday, February 18th - Navigating the American Education System for intermediate bilingual parents, 6:00 PM, JJH

Thursday, February 19th - PTO Meeting (SpEd, EC, and Kindergarten representing)

Friday, February 20th - Robert Crown Field Trip for Fifth Grade in AM

Friday, February 20th - Lisa P's baby shower, 3 PM, LRC

Monday, February 23rd - Monday Meeting, 3-4 for Certified Staff (PARCC Focus)

Monday, February 23rd - Board of Education Meeting, 7:30PM

Wednesday, February 25th - Band Concert, 6:30 PM, JJH

Wednesday, February 25th - Math Curriculum Revision Meeting (select staff)

Thursday, February 26th - Math Curriculum Revision Meeting (select staff)

Friday, February 27th - Institute Day

Friday, February 27th - Meadowview Fun Fair, 6:00 PM

Meadowview Talent Show

May 20th Try outs (3-5pm)

May 26th Practice (3-5pm)

May 28th Practice (3-5pm)

June 1st Dress Rehearsal (3-5pm)

June 2nd Talent Show (1pm and 6:30pm)

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