Analyzing Viola

By: Genny Garcia

Viola's Identity

Viola is of aristocratic birth; and is the protagonist. She is, Sebastian's twin sister. "And what should I do in Illyria? My brother he is in Elysium. Perchance he is not drown'd. --- What think you, sailors?" (I.ii.2-4). This quote shows why Viola believes that she is now the only child, due to a shipwreck, where she believes to have lost her brother.

Viola in the film sees herself as a good soccer player. But when the school cuts her soccer team, she got the wild idea of dressing up as her brother Sebastian. "In the film, she choose to dress up as her brother since, she couldn't play on the guys team as a girl" (She's the Man). By dressing up as her brother, she will be able to play on the boys soccer team at a boarding school.

Viola's Gender

"...Conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become" (I.ii.49-50). Viola, disguised herself as a guy, or "Cesario" so that she could find her brother, Sebastian. By disguising herself as Cesario, she has to act in a completely different manner. Viola is benefiting from this because she is getting what is she wants. That is to get closer to finding her brother Sebastian.

In the film, Viola is forced to act as a jock, to try and fit in with her roommates. Viola is forced to act like a guy that gets a lot of girls. Many of her roommates, don't really seem to believe that she is a guy, because of how her voice came out a bit girly in the beginning. "For example when Viola's tampon fell out of her bag in the dorm, her roommates quickly began to question her" (She's the Man). This shows how, her roommates saw her more as a girl than a guy.

Viola's Percepion

"Therefore, good youth, address thy gait unto her; be not denied access, stand at her doors, and tell them there thy fixed foot shall grow till thou have audience" (I.iv.14-17). This shows how people also see Viola as a target to get close to Olivia. Olivia sees Viola or Cesario as handsome guy, and ends up falling in love with him. When Viola realizes that Olivia has fallen in love with her or Cesario, she slowly wants to just come out.

In She's the Man, Viola, is seen as a very determined person when it comes to playing soccer. But when her team gets cut, she is seen like a joke for wanting to try out for the boys soccer team. "Once she passes for her brother to be on the boys soccer team her voice switched up a bit" (She's the Man). This shows why her teammates may have seen her as a strange person.


Both Viola and I are similar in a way. For example, we both at a point have made a decision in which we have to act like someone that we aren't. Viola and I, are both similar because we were perceived as strange, when we had to act like someone that we weren't.

Viola and I are also different because I didn't have to dress up as a guy to obtain something that I wanted. We are also different because I didn't have to do something as extreme as her. But I also, didn't have to go work somewhere disguised as a guy to be seen or treated equally.

Viola and I are similar in some ways. Like when I really want something I am determined to do anything just to get what I want. This case Viola, dressed up as her brother to play on the boys soccer team.

We are both different in many ways. For example, I wouldn't try to act like a jock just to try and fit in with others. I would've just acted like myself regardless of whether I fit in with other people or not.