What it is and how it is seen.

What is it.

Hashish is a more potent type of marijuana, it is grown from the cannabis plant. The main ingredient in hashish is THC. Hashish has more concentration of THC than marijuana.

How it is taken in.

It can be taken in many different way. First making it like a cigarette(Inhalation), another being in a pipe or bong (Inhalation) . It can also be put into food (Ingestion).

Slang names.

It has names such as; Sinsemilla, hash oil, honey oil, shish, kif, charas, and nup. Names like moroccan, lebanese, and black afghani refer to the hash’s color or origin.

Short-term effects.

Hashish can cause short-term effects such as memory loss, distorted perception, loss in coordination, increased heart rate, and anxiety.

Long-term effects.

Long term effect can consist of chronic bronchitis, higher chance of contracting pneumonia, and frequent chest cold. In some cases one can even contract cancer.

Signs of abuse.

People who utilize hashish have many signs of the fact they are abusing hashish. Hashish affects memory, judgment and perception. Learning and attention skills are impaired among people who use hashish heavily. Underaged children whom use hashish have behaviors like rebellious and defiant actions. They can also damage their relationship with their parents.

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