A is for... Allies

The 3 big Allies we're United Kingdom, United States & Soviet Union.

B is for... Bunker

They used this to protect people or valued material from falling boms or other attacks.

C is for ... Coral Sea

There was invasion of port moresby.

D is for... D-day

There was a largest amphibious military assaults

E is for... El Alamein

The allies invasion of french Africa (North) in operation torch, which started 8 november.

F is for ... Flying Tiger

Is the most recognized of any individual combat aircraft or combat unit of world war 2.

G is for ... Gas Mask

Protected of any poison gas they used on the Nazi German .

H is for ... Hiroshima

A city that got bomb.

I is for... Iwo Jima

U.s forces landed on Iwo Jima

J is for ... Juno Beach

Occupying Germans with casemater & adjacent

K is for ... Kursk

Unsuccessful German offensive agains soriet forces in 1943, were in enemy territory

L is for ... Land mine

A bomb that they put underground to fool the enymy

M is for .... Medic

Doctor that help's the injured soldiers

N is for ... North America

Wanet to attack america for giving bepens to there allies

O is for ... Omaha

Many soldiers drown during the approach from ships

P is for ... Propaganda

Consists in winning people over to an idea

Q is for ... Manuel Quezon

Leader of the Philippine & let the German into his country for safety

R is for ... Ranger

Haile train soldiers & Amphibious

S is for ... Submarine

Used to fight underwater

T is for ... Tank

A heavy armored fighting vehicle carrying guns & moving on a constinuos article metal track

U is for ... U.S.A

An allied country that teamed up with Great Britan & the soviet Union to defeat german , Haly & Japan

V is for ...Victory

In which the allies succesful defeat the axis powers once & for all

W is for... World war 2

Was the second war , war a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, alote of people die.

X is for ... X-Craft

Submarine class built for the royal Navy during 1943-44 , Know individually as X-craft .

Y is for ... Yamato

Was the lead ship of the yamato class of imperial Japanese Navy World war 2 battleships

Z is for ... Zero PLane

Was a long-range Fighter aircraft