Emily Carr

January 2016

Message From Administration

We are very excited to be hosting on February 3rd at 7:00 p.m a Social Media presentation with Chris Vollum for our parents and adult community members. We know that social media plays a critical role in the lives of our students and often can cause anxiety and can influence our child's self-worth and wellness. Learn how to positively promote the use of social media in your child's life. Bring your mobile device or tablet and get a hands-on experience. There are still spots available. (To register click here.)

Report Cards will be sent home on February 29th. Our goal is to provide parents with a clear understanding of their child's academic achievement and to provide an opportunity to assist your child in developing positive, specific and achievable goals for growth for the next term. We appreciate the time and effort of parents and students as you outline on page 4 of the report card the area your child has most improved in, as well as how you will support their learning. If a parent would like a report card sent to their home via mail, please provide the office with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

School Council Meeting:

Our next meeting of the Emily Carr School Council is on Monday, February 1st at 7 pm in the staff room. All are welcome.

School Council has been very busy planning some amazing activities. Please see the link to save some upcoming dates.

Did you know?

"Research has shown that grade 3 kids who exercised and biked to school improved their ability to concentrate equivalent to being 1/2 a grade ahead."

(Walk and Bike to School--Peel campaign)