By: Cabot McLaughlin


Hello fourth grader! You will have a amazing time at Lineville, and here are 5 things you should know about it.


My favorite special is music it is one of the bests, but that is my opinion.

First, band is a great choice for music. The band teachers Mr.Z and Mrs.Z, are both great

Band teachers they help you with anything you need help with, and are really glad that

you are here in band. Also, band is really fun because you get to play what you want to

Play such as clarinet, flute, tuba, trumpet, trombone, and finally percussion. Finally, Mr.Z and Mrs.Z helps you be organized for classes, It is a very fun class. The second choice is choir The teacher Mrs. Dolger is really nice. That is when you can just let your heart out and sing like you want to. It is a really fun choice of music. The songs are amazing such as pop music like up town funk you up. This class is one of the funnest classes. Last but not least is orchestra the teacher Mrs. Nowak she is funny. She even has a electric violin this is a fun class, and those are the fun things that are in the different music choices.

A La Carte

There is another choice as a snack that is called A la carte, this happens after everyone gets a meal. You still need to pay for it but it is worth it. There are chips, cookies, snapple and a lot more. It is a table that is at the end of where you order your meal from. The prices are from 50 cents to 75 cents. Be careful don't spend all of your money for A la carte.

The bad things about discipline

First, I will tell you about the bad things for discipline in Lineville. First, you would be getting a minor, or a major which you would never want. Second, you get a Noon and cannot talk in the classroom, which is kinda boring if you ask me. Third, you miss recess and playing with your friends. Finally, in the noon classroom you need to just sit there and work on homework you miss. Those are the bad things in discipline.

The positive things about discipline

Things you should know about positive things about discipline are first, when you get a noon and a minor which you might think it is bad but it is not all that bad, such as when you get that noon and minor it is a motivation that whatever you did you will stop doing it. Second, when you go into the classroom you can do homework that means that it is extra time to get it done. Thirdly, you might have a rough time and that would be a cooling down place because it is quiet, and that is those positives of discipline.

After school programs

Things I want you to know about after school programs are first, there are many choices for programs such as battle of the books, plays, track, basketball skills and drills, and movie club. Those are the ones that I know that you maybe would like to go to. Second, these programs are just fun things to do, it does not take any special talent. Third, you would need to be a good student that gets all there homework done, because these programs take time out of your day so you would need to get your homework done in school. I hope to see you there.


And those are some things you should know about Lineville. Have fun as a Fifth grader, Bye!

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