English Language Arts

Week 18

Last Call for Late Work and Independent Reading Points!

Students have until Thursday to turn in any late work. Students should also complete any AR tests or Reading Plus lessons by then. Grades will be locked in at the end of Thursday.

Next Semester

Next semester, we will start with a six-week poetry and figurative language unit, prepare for the Georgia Milestone test, and wrap-up the school year with my favorite book of all time, The Outsiders. If you want a head start, here is a link to the terms for our unit 3 test, which will most likely be on 2/5:

Vocabulary Flashcards

Last Week Before Break!

This week, we are taking a mid-year reading diagnostic test (will not be in the grade book), watching The Cay movie, and having a relaxing last day of reading.

Report Cards

Report cards will be coming home in January, but feel free to check Infinite Campus to see your child's grades over the break.

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