RMHS High Five Club

Celebrating Excellence in the Class of 2019

The O'Neils

L to R: Kevin, Jessica, Kaitlin & Ryan

About Jessica, Kaitlin, Kevin & Ryan

This week is the first time that four members of the senior class will receive the High 5 Award in the same week. We are pleased to recognize today Jessica O’Neil, Kaitlin O’Neil, Kevin O’Neil, and Ryan O’Neil, known to many in the school and the community as the O’Neil quadruplets.

Jessica, Kaitlin, Kevin, and Ryan are recognized for enriching the school with their positive attitudes and for the kindness that defines their interactions with classmates and teachers. They maintain an unmistakably strong bond with each other, even as their personal interests and passions take them in different directions. As Jessica puts it, “We’re four different people, but the fact that we’re able to be in a variety of activities shows how much the school has to offer.”

Jessica O’Neil is an avid member of both the chorus and the RMHS Drama Club. She has enjoyed her experience in the RMHS Field Seminar program, and cites Mr. d’Entremont’s WWII: The European Theater course as her favorite this year. Jess plans to study theater in college, likely at a school in New York.

Kaitlin O’Neil has been a dedicated member of the RMHS Color Guard, performing with the band at football games and working hard with her teammates to perfect their show for competition season. Kaitlin has devoted significant time to her love of writing. She has published one of her original works of fiction online and has plans to complete a full trilogy. Kaitlin cannot cite a single favorite class, instead she expresses that Storywriting, Honors Psychology, Child Development, and Field Seminar are all number one in her eyes.

Kevin O’Neil serves as a mentor to middle school students at Coolidge and volunteers as a CCD teacher at his church. He looks forward to studying civil engineering in college and aspires to one day own his own engineering firm. This year, Kevin is particularly enjoying his AP Physics C class with Ms. Najmi, but Kevin is quick to point out that he feels very well served by all of the classes he has taken at RMHS. “The teachers are amazing here,” he said.

Ryan O’Neil has been a member of our wrestling team in the winter and our track team in the spring, where he competes in the 100m and 200m dash. Ryan has no doubt about his favorite class at RMHS: Mr. d’Entremont’s World War II class. In fact, Ryan has enthusiastically taken both semesters of the class, studying both the European and Pacific theaters of the war. This summer Ryan will begin training as an EMT and, ultimately, he plans to enlist in the military.

We congratulate Jessica, Kaitlin, Kevin, and Ryan and we know they will represent RMHS well in all that they pursue in the years to come.