By: Sarah Hamilton


Individuality is something that has a big effect on us, and how we grow. In The Giver the community's individuality is, to an extent, taken away from them. They have less freedom to have differences, and some differences may even lead to them being released.

How is the community's individuality limited

Our individuality is formed by our experiences and environment. The environment is the same for almost every character, and until they are given their assignment they have the same experiences. The community is limited in that way, but it is not completely. Some things like witnessing the airplane fly over the community is something some people may not have experienced. This left a memory of fear with the people who witnessed it, who otherwise would not have probably not experienced fear like that.

The community is given strict rules limiting how they can act, and not letting them make mistakes. For example the pilot flying the plane that passed over the community was released because of going in the wrong direction, he died before he could learn from his mistakes. And they are punished if they do anything wrong, the children were harmed if they didn’t speak correctly or did anything different. Today those experiences would affect a person and make them who they are later in life.

how individuality effects us

Individuality gives us personal goals that help us grow. With the limits the community is given it is more difficult to have goals. They can be interested in an assignment and want it, but they can't do much more then hope for it. They can volunteer around the field they want, but they can't work hard to get it. They may be given the assignment by chance that they noticed your interest in it. With not much personal growth or interests it is easier to have collective actions, which benefits the idea of sameness in the community.

Peoples struggles with individuality


People struggle in many ways with individuality some being afraid of not being accepted from peers or even family. Parents sometimes give the impression to their children that they want them to be different then they are. Sometimes this leads to them changing themselves to maintain parental approval. This can restrict someone's personality because they want to be accepted by family or peers.


Anyone can affect someone's individuality, with all the judgement it can be scary to be different from everyone else. With the fear of not fitting in or being judged for just being yourself, it can make being yourself feel like it’s wrong. Bullying can make someone scared to be themselves, or make them feel like there is something wrong with them. People tend to blame their individuality for problems they have, making it seem as if it’s their fault. This can put as much a limit on someone’s personality as not being given the chance to like the community.


Twins individuality

In twins it is important that they grow up with a sense of individuality otherwise they will feel like just part of a pair. There are many things parents of twins can do to make sure they grow up emotionally healthy. That also means that they can grow up thinking like they are nothing more than a part of the pair. Many things can make a twin feel like they can't be individual, or that they don’t have any individuality.

Twins within the community

Twins in the community are not allowed, the lightest is released. They release one of the pair, for the only reason that having two identical people would get confusing. This proves that the community doesn’t have individuality, otherwise they would have been able to grow up as two different people. In the community they can’t have two identical people walk around because they don’t have the chance to be different in other ways, so they would turn out the same and would get mixed up.


The real world has things that can affect people’s individuality or even limit them from becoming individual, but people are given the chance to be individual. This is different from the community because they aren't given the chance to grow as individuals, and they don’t know the difference. Individuality affects how people grow. In the community their individuality is controlled in many ways, controlling how they grow.


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