verbal/physical ; By-Cindy Dum

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Causes of bullying

Bullies are usually focused on themselves. They are stressed or angry so they take it out on others. The bully also pick on people as an escape, physical force in family could cause this also. Bullies usually are being bullied at home by their parents or siblings. They can also be jealous of the victim. Also, some just do it for fun and continually pick on the weaker.

How to stop bullying

There are many ways to stop bullying, you can join a support group or try talking to the bully. Or you can tell an adult teachers, parents, anybody that can help. Also, try walking with a group of people that are walking home, so when the bully comes you can be apart of a group and they might help you. Try to avoid being an easy target, or if its that bad move schools. We need to stop bullying, how can you help?

The effects of bullying

Bullying can cause low self-esteem, stress, depression. Also, anxiety, and the victim might start thinking about suicide more. Or being fearful of going to school, riding the bus, using the bathroom, or even being alone. In some cases people commit suicide, all of those reasons are caused by bullying. If your a bully stopping is a good thing to do. What if this was you? Would you be happy with your life?
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STOP BULLYING! a short Film